Aug 23, 2010

a tragedy averted

I didn't even get to log in to the blog world yesterday b/c I though my computer had some sort if virus. Good ole hubster took a look at it, finagle a few things and re-started it. I dared not touch it 'til he could give me the word. He's kinda AR like that. Anyway, I m bummed that I miss the GTKY Sunday. I will be back on board next week.
On another note, it was a pretty blissful weekend. I had to work at the Y on Sat. morning and then there was a staff mtg. I came home, ate some lunch and then went for a 4 mile walk. That was nearly excruciating considering the humidity. I came home and fell out on the bed. I slept for about 2 1/2 hours. I got up and we ate dinner and chilled on the couch. Sunday consisted of Childrens Church (I hope they are learning something about Missions), came home and chowed on some food, had goof intentions to go exercise but again, the coziness and Downy smell of my blankie lured me back into bed for another nap. Can you believe 2 naps over the weekend, what is WRONG with me??? I had to hit the housework hard and heavy this morning. I got a load of laundry started, gathered up some recycling, stripped the beds, cleaned the bathroom, and tidied up a bit. All by 9:45am. Hit the gym for a class, picked up my play "sister" from the airport, got some lunch together, came home and guess what? I fell asleep on the couch!!!! I'm beginning to wonder if something is wrong with me.
Well, anyhoo, we are going to the Titans game tonight with some friends. It should be nice.
so 'nuf 'bout me, how was your weekend?

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