May 20, 2010

~founding members~

Emma & Grant: Founders of the Official "DerduhDer" Club!!!
August 2007 Fort Walton, FL
p.s. The Secretary is starting Kindergarten in the Fall & the Vice President is entering First grade. Where's the President? well, they haven't really decided who should fill that spot yet! LOL : )

I came across this picture when I was searching for another picture.....made me smile....had to share!

May 13, 2010

***a new motivation***

I guess I have been officially talkied into doing this. I really didn't expect to do a 1/2 marathon until next year BUT I guess there's no time like the present to get 'er done!
The only hitch is that I HAVE to get my left knee & quads strong enough to do this. Oh, and drop about 30 more lbs. This event is Sept. 25th. My OBF is going to train with me. When I finish this, WOW! what a great thing to be proud of, ya know? I'll keep uou posted on my progress!

May 1, 2010

***room renovation*** (part one)

My first step in this whole process was figuring out the colors I wanted to paint. I think I bought 4 different samples from Lowes. Good thing they have those, b/c it was hard to decide. My color choices came down to Autumn Fog & Moon Shade, in case you're interested. The next arduous task was getting ALL of the C-R-A-P OUT!! I had to take a couple of days to get it all out. I took down this solid cherry wood day bed all by myself and it was a doozy!! Grant was hiding in the corner trying to entertain me while I was struggling to take this sucker apart. I did it though & hauled it down the deck steps where its new home is the shed. I also have to mention here that this room used to be a computer room with a TItans theme, hence the old Eddie George poster. And....well....the Super Mario bros. poster came from G's "old man".
And in this corner used to stand a crummy, cheap, piece of crap computer desk. I remember distinctly when we bought the desk at Big a million years ago. I took a hammer to it & demolished it within about 5 minutes. I didn't take pics of it b/c I wanted to spare you the ugliness of it.

The carpet needed some serious vacuuming......

FINALLY!!! got myself in gear with the paint supplies....this part is the most fun but the hardes part too..............I was sooooo sore the next day...........and to top it off, I had to go to my last personal training session later in the day.I got two coats up before leaving to be tortured....hehe
Just keep stirring, Just keep stirring, Just keep stirring................................

OK, so I was minding my own painting business when suddenly I got to this part of the wall & could not for the life of me figure out what the heck this circle was from. Then Bill reminded me that B.G. (before Grant), he tried to paint a Titans flame on the wall. It seems the sun had changed the color of whatever he painted on there to make it disappear. I love it when paint does its job....bye bye ugly circle..........

The first coat minus the trim areas.............this Autumn Fog color looks totally different in the light compared to darkness.........I was hoping it wasn't going to look too purplish.....

Awww, the stripes.............thanks to my bestie, she came over and helped, well, she did all the figuring out when it came to how wide and how far apart I wanted the stripes. She's got a good eye for stuff like this. The bottom stripe is actually a tad bigger than the top one but you can't really tell. She also helped witht he stripe painting too. Thanks HAM>>>U R the bestest!

YAY!!! the stripes were a bit difficult to paint just b/c you have to stay in between the tape. I boo-booed a lot but nothing a little water couldn't take care of. When the stripes were done, I pulled off the tape and had some more boo-boos to paint back over. Oh well, do it and move on. I am very happy with the stripes. I think that when Grant gets older, the color is versatile enough that we can do something a bit more grown up. He liked the paint color too which make me happy : )
I am still working on the decor so STAY TUNED for the next includes a new bed, repurposed shelving, a cool poster, and some cute chairs........among other things!