Apr 23, 2010

***bathroom closet decrapification***

Amidst my efforts in getting Grant's room together, I decided that the bathroom closet needed some serious decrapification. I am sooooooo ashamed of how lazy we all are when it comes to shoving stuff in this teeny tiny bathroom closet. Keep in mind also that this house has one full bath that three of us share so there's a lot of 'crap' in here. I am gonna do my best to keep it as tidy & neat as I possibly can.

Here is the middle part of the closet.

The worst part of the mess is the bottom of the closet!
major uggghhh!!!
Aaaawwww....now this is much better.....
more organized.....less messy.....less clutter

The bottom part of the closet looks a "whole bunch more betta'"

What are you "decrapifying" at your house?

Apr 13, 2010

2 dollah

Here's a sweet little glass pitcher I got a yard sale for $2 buckaroos!!! picked up some clean white daisies @ WallyWorld and voila! a cute little spring pick me up!
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*food for thought*

I know what you are thinking.....why a picture of the fridge full of food?
Well, its a catch 22 whenever I have to go to the grocery store -- I hate going but I love to eat. An average grocery store trip can cost me about an hour to two hours depending on what I have to get & then bringing it in the house to put it all away. The main reason I wanted to blog about this is b/c I realized after putting all of this food away that I am so immeasurably blessed. I thought of hungry children, homeless moms, struggling dads, trying their best to make it for thrir families or even for themselve.es. There are some times when I ashamedly say to myelf "there's nothing to eat". When in all actuallity I DO have plenty. I hope that maybe you will stop and thank God for all that you have including the food you eat.
DISCALIMER; all the healthy stuff you see belongs to me....all the "crap" belongs to the other two people who will remain nameless that live here. : )
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Apr 5, 2010


Me & the boy

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I totally scraplifted this idea from this creative chic. I didn't use an 11 x 17 fram b/c I didn't find one at either of our dollar stores. The little birds were a buck, the big bird on the perch that says "bless" was half price at Hobby Lobby which was only $5. I changed the font and blew up my paper for free @ church! Thanks Terena for bing my copier tutor! Right now this is sitting on my buffet but as soon as I find a cute little shelf to place in my hallway, that's where these birds will find their new nest!
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~play ball~

I love that Grant is at an age where he can experince stuff like this. I was so excited for him to start t-ball, probably more excited than he was. It's been so fun to watch him & the other teammates do their thing. He's only had two games but its been a real hoot to watch. My only real hopr for this experience is that he has a lot of fun & makes some new friends. If he decides he doesn't want to do it again, no biggie. We will just try something else!
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