Aug 21, 2010

~Glimpses of God~

This is week 2 for this blog hop & I am so excited to share with you what I have glimpsed this week.  A big THANK YOU to those who participated last week. Please help me spread the word....b/c you all are awesom! If you are new to this meme, go HERE for the rules and you can also find my button to the left if you so desire to put it in your post.  I can't wait to hear what everyone has to share!!!

I was actually crazy enough to go walking out in this hot, humid, and not so lovely weather. I started out with a 5 mile goal but ended up with just doing 4 mi. b/c I thought I was going to pass out. Anyway, while I was walking, there were dozens of butterflies flying around. I should mention that I walk on the "greenway" which is like a trail that starts from one place and you can walk up to 6 miles depending on where you want to end up. So, I see all these butterflies, its really pretty cool but the coolest part was that there were 2 huge black butterflies that seemed to follow me the whole time I was walking. I would see them and then they would dissppear and come back in 10 or 15 minutes. I just kept thinking how wonderful God is to make such beatiful creatures for us to enjoy. I almost wondered if He gives us insects like these as a sign that He loves us and wants us to enjoy ALL things, even the yucky, pesky, and annoying creatures. Then, later in the evening, it was thunderstorming here in TN and on our way back from running an errand, I noticed how big, fluffy and white some of the thunderhead clouds were. I actually like thunderstorms, not so much the lightning but I diverse. I began to imagine that God uses clouds like artists use paint. He can shape them in however way he wants and he is the ultimate artist when it comes to clouds and sunsets. I think thats why I love sunrises and sunsets so much, especially at the beach. Okay, now its you turn! What made you take a Glimpse of God?

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