Dec 18, 2009

~fertility update~

Unfortunately I have to report that the IUI didn't work this month. I am quite disappointed and I tried to keep my emotions in check but it's hard. I don't really know what the plan is from here on out but I think we'll figure out with God's direction. Until we feel or hear from Him, I am going to keep focusing on my own health & wellness. I am also in deep prayer about getting a job. I REALLY am counting on a teaching position by fall. This in and of itself will keep me occupied for awhile. So just keep praying with me that somewhere down the line, God's plans are bigger & better than mine and His blessings will be insurmountable!!!

Dec 17, 2009

{ a LiTtLe BiT of ThIs & tHat }

So, I haven't posted in quite sometime so I figured I would create a collage of a few things we have been doing. I bet you are wondering what's the deal with the pots&pans? well, they are an early Christmas present from the hubster. They come from Rachel Ray's line of cookware, and BOY! do I looooove 'em! I 'christened" the stock pot with a delicious chicken tortilla soup recipe that I made up pretty much off the top of my head. On Saturday, 12/5 we drove out to the house on 109 that has a drive through light display and at the end of the tour, we got to wave "Hi!" to Santa. Grant and I sat down one evening after dinner and made a super cute craft, we made Christmas Carolers out of toilet paper tubes & old socks. We made our whole family! Too much fun! On Friday, 12/12 my Hubs took me out for a date & we went to the Ryman to see "my BOYZ!!!" RF! Ooooohhhhh, so dreamy! We had pretty decent seats, they only sang three songs but it was nice to see them this year since they skipped their annual Nashville concert. And just this past Sunday, HAM took a pretty good pic of us for our Christmas card! I am hoping to take some pics of some of the decor I have scattered everywhere, and we have some good things planned while the boy is out for break. I think I need the break as much as he does!!! Look for more L8R! =D
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Nov 30, 2009

***quick thoughts***

The Christmas season starts TOMORROW!!! I love it, I love it, I love it! I get so excited about all the traditions, the sights, sounds, and smells of anything Christmas. I am so very thankful that Our Heavenly Father sent the Baby Jesus to be the Savior of my life & millions of others. Its just beyond wonderful. I am looking at the days ahead & filling them with memories I want to create & cherish forever. We recently got our "Elf on the Shelf" from Santa, his name is Elliott. It is truly hilarious to watch Grant dash out of bed and figure out where Elliott has landed after his report back to Santa. I just wonder how old he will be before he realizes that its make believe. Grant is also very excited about getting treats and prizes in his Advent calendar. We have other activities and events planned so I'm probably just as excited as he is to experience them. Anyway, I plan to get some pic up here soon of some of these things I have mentioned. I also finished two "crafty" projects of my December Daily (a daily journal & scrapbook for the month of Dec.) as well as my Gumdrop wreath that I will be hanging on my front door. Check back with me in a few days for pics....I'm getting there, slowly but surely!!!

Nov 23, 2009

[short absence}

Over the weekend my blog became disabled. I was so miffed. I couldn't fgiure out why they disabled me. I think I bugged the support people at Google enought times that they put me back up. I hope that never happens again. I love blogging & I love to read the blogs of people I follow. See ya on the blog!!

Nov 18, 2009


A sweet conversation that I had with my boy this morning!:

Me: I love you so much!
Grant: Why do you love me, Mom?
Me: Because I asked God to give me a baby & he sent me you & I carried you in my belly for a long time & that's why I love you.
Grant: When is God going to give us another baby?
Me: Well, I don't know, I have asked him for one but he hasn't given me an answer yet. If we have another baby, what do you think that will make you?
Grant: That will make me HAPPY!
Me: Okay, but what else will that make you?
Grant: Oh yeah, I'll be the brother & I will tuck her in for you so that you don't have to do it, okay?
Me: That will be great, I want you to help me protect her and love her.
Grant: Okay, I gotta go get something.
Me: my heart melted in my chest....he's so funny! and he's convinced the next one will be a girl!

Nov 1, 2009


So I have been thinking.....I am, going to post one thing I am grateful for each day this month. I am certainly thankful throughout the year but when Turkey day comes, I want to know that I know what I really have to be THANKFUL for. So for today:

Nov.1 st: I am thankful that God created the seasons. Have you noticed how beautiful the leaves are & the bright vivid colors that the different trees produce? Only our God is capable of knowing how to do that. Isn't it lovely that we get to experience all of those changes in each season? I just love it!

Nov. 2: Thank you Jesus that its time for......SLEEP! Its been a long & tiring day & I am so thankful that God created sleep. What would our bodies & minds be like if we never had sleep? I will tell you what it would be like....t-o-r-t-u-r-e!!! So with that I say ---- buenos noches!

Nov.3: I had to think real hard today about what I REALLY am thankful for. Then it occurred to me that I am so thankful for a vehicle. I don't know how people who don't have cars to get around in make it. I know it sounds corny BUT really, I depend on my van everyday to get me where I need to be. Sidenote: one day I want my own VW convertible Beetle - cherry red with a black top!!!

Nov. 4: Today, I am most grateful that even after a somewhat tumultous day with the boy, it was truly wonderful to lay in bed & watch him do his homework & then I read stories to him. I am so thankful that I have the ability to do this as a mom. Sometimes its redundant & boring but I hope that I making some good memories for Grant. I pray he will always know & feel in his heart the immense love I have for him.....even on our bad days!!!

Nov. 5: I was in an antique store lately & I saw a couple of things that triggered my memory. Today, I am sooooo thankful for memoriess. I mean, really, think about how your life would be without memories...good or bad, we wouldn't have a story to tell. So anyway, back to my memories. I picked up this old circular tin & it was full of dirty yucky buttons so it made me think of a tin that my Grandma saved for me except for the fact that it was full of coins. I remember that I had found the tin in one of my mom's secret hiding places, opening up, noticed that my name was written in my grandmother's handwriting. I noticed all the quarters, nickels, & dimes, totally ignored the pennies. I remember taking that money a little bit at a time & later getting caught & in BiG trouble. Another item that triggered one of my memories was a dark brown GLASS medicine bottle. Now that eveything is plastic, our kids will never know what a glass medicine bottle looks like. I remember when I had a ton of issues with my ears. I had ear infections, earaches & ultimately a lot of surgery to correct the problem. When I picked up the medicine bottle it was like I could see, smell & taste the antibiotic amoxicillin. Its that pink bubble gum looking liquid. It was so "dej a vu-ish". I guess that's what purusing an antique store will do to ya! So, be thakful for your memories, they are what make life sweeter!

Nov.6: I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday b/c of my own "busy-ness". But the one think that came to mind about what I am thankful for is my creative ability. I'd like to think that I am a pretty creative person & I really like to challenge myself with different things. Lately, I have been mulling some ideas over in my head about decorating a wall in my living room. My ideas are just that...ideas but once I get a teaching job & start making some more moolah, I will be diving into the decorating world & getting some stuff done around here. SO anyway, that is what I am thankful for. I thank the Big Man upstairs for my creative abilities, it delights me & at times, it brings delight to others.

Nov. 7: As the cold weather approaches, I am sooooo thankful for my home. Yeah, its not a mansion but its not a shanty either. But it is our home, its our soft place to fall, our comfort zone, our sanctuary, our cozy little nest. I have to admit that lately I have been struggling with coveting other people's homes. No one in particular, just houses I see that are bigger than mine and a desire to throw up a FOR SALE sign in our yard so we can go get another house. That's not reality but I do know for a fact that I won't be in this home forever & I have to remind myslf that there are others out there who have no place to call home. So Kudos to 524 Tulip Grove Rd. She's not a beauty but she's good enough for now.

Nov.8: One of the things that I really enjoy when I have the time to do it is READING! I had a pretty long day today, so to relax after doing some housework, I decided that I would sit down & read at least one chapter of the book I am reading now. I can't even imagine what my life would be like without the ability to read. I mean, seriously, think about how IF you couldn't read, what you wouldn't be able to do. Reading is like a building block in the foundation of life. I am so thankful for the fact that I can read that I am seriously thinking later on down the road, I will go back and get my Master's in Reading so I can be a Reading Specialist.

Nov. 9: I am ever so THANKFUL for God's divine protection. A lady hit my neighbor as she was backing out of her driveway, sideswiped a tree or a pole & ended up in my front yard. There are too many other scenarios that could have turned out tragic but God protected us. I think was sending me a message...."I am always going to protect you." I am so thankful for that!!!

Nov. 10: I am thankful for the fact that today I didn't lose my mind. I got real close but I haven't gone crazy yet!

Nov.11: I am thankful today for FORGIVENESS = I

Nov.12: I know it may sound kinda corny but I am really thankful for WATER! Think about how our lives would be so 'dry' & destitute without water. We use it to cook, wash clothes, wash dishes, bath ourselves, drink it for health, lay near it when we go to the beach, etc, etc. I am so glad that God thought of water, He knows our every need, even as something as simple as water.

Nov. 13: Today, I am thanful for the opportunities that God has provided for me to hone my skills as a teacher. Its been nice to practice what I learned in college & also picking up some good pointers from tenured teachers. I am anxious to get my own classroom & begin teaching but I really believe that I am where I'm supposed to be & He has the perfect job for me!!!

Nov.14: I am so thankful that I had the chance to spend time with my hubby when we went to the Christams village thing @ the Fairgrounds. I am also thankful that I got to sleep in this morning without any interruptions from a red headed little boy. It was refreshing to wake up on my own time. That doesn't happen very often so when it does, it feels FaNTAbuLouS!!!

Nov.15: I am thankful for a lazy Sunday afternoon. I did a little bit of work but it wasn't like I was slaving myself around the house. I sat down for a little over an hour & worked on my Dec. Daily. Its coming along & I DO hope to get it done before the end of the month so I can fill it up with some great pics! It was definitely a day of rest around here @ the DeFelice household.

Nov.16: When I was laying in bed last night, I remembered that I had forgotten to post for today. So I hegan to think about what I was thankful for besides the ordinary day to day things. I finally realized that I am, so thankful for the fact that I live in an era where the field of medicine has gone beyond the days of undiagnosis & very few treatments for a variety of illnesses or diseases. I am partcular thankful that I have physicians who know their "stuff" & are so very patient, kind, & understanding and also take their time to explain things in ways I can understand. It's a blessing to have doctors & nurses to take care of us, so make sure you tell them next time you have to see one!!!

Nov. 17: I am thankful for the freedom I have to make choices & the privilege to live in the U.S.A. I know that a lot of people have sacrificed their lives so that I can live in comfort, peace, and security. I have the utmost respect for our military personnel, especially those who served in war, past & present.

Nov. 18: Today, I am thankful for an extra pair of hands that are at my house. My mom is here for a bit & she has been helping me a great deal with things around the house & most importantly entertaining & meeting some of Grant's needs. It's been great to have her here & given our history, it's nice to be close and share certain things with her. Life is too short to hold grudges so we (I) have to build bridges & get over our issues.

Nov. 19: Okay, so I will admit that it's getting more difficult to find "things" to be thankful for. It's easy to say you're thankful for the everyday mundane stuff. I want to go deeper into what is really important & valuable. I think for today, I am so thankful that God has given me life. I have a life like no one else's & of course there are some hard things about it, there are some easy things about it, and there are things that need improvement. However, it's the seasons of life that make you realize who is ultimately in control & how precious ife really is.

Nov.20: I am thankful that I had the chance to enjoy Grant's Kindergarten Thanksgiving program at school today. You just can't get back those moments when your children are so proud of themselves & how special they feel when they see their parents' face in the crowd. I am so glad I got to enjoy that!

Nov. 21: Today I ran to the store to get some things we needed & I saw a young person lighting up a cigarette. Now, I'm sure you're asking yourself what would that have to do with anything with being thankful. Well, you see I once was a smoker & I smoked for about six years. It was when I was young & didn't want to admit to myself how terrible it was for my health. I remember it was New Years Eve 1999 & I made the decision to quit once and for all. OH my GOodness was that so hard. I didn't want to quit using patches or pills or gum. I quit it Cold Turkey. Bill had to endure my severe crankiness but today I am so thankful that I don't have that addiction anymore. Not only is it terribly expensive but detrimental to your health. I am so thankful that God helped me through that. Every now and then, I get that temptation but I stop & think about how much it destroys the body & leaves a wretched smell on your clothes & sets a bad example for children. So that's it....

Nov. 22: I am thankful for the gift of salvation. I am so blessed to know God as my Savior and counting on him for all my needs. I am so happy that he bore the burdens of my sin & died to set me free. There have been seasons in my life where I have been "away" from God but he's always been right there to take my hand again & forgive me for falling short. I will never understand how people cannot believe in God. I am reminded of a song by Nicole Nordeman and how people question the presence of God. Its called "What If" and one of the lyrics asks what if you're wrong meaning what if a person is wrong about God? what are they going to lose? and if you DO believe, then we have nothing to lose.

Nov. 23: I am thankful today for the hugs and kisses from my sweet boy Grant! He was happy to see me when I got home from "work", he gave me a big hug & told me he missed me. I love him so much it hurts! Thank you Lord for my boy!!!

Nov. 24: hhhmmmm.............I am thankful today for the friends I have. I think its ironic how when you're younger, having a hundred friends seems so important. Then, as you get older, you find out who your real friends are & how loyal they can be & the number of friends a person has decreases substantially. I have had a lot of friends through my life who have taught me so many different things. Some of these people have stayed & some have gone but one thing is for sure, I will always cherich my friendshiips. I guess as the old saying goes, "to have a friend is to be a friend!"

Nov. 25: Today, I am thankful for a warm house, clothes on my back, food in my tummy, a little money in my back account, a family that loves me, friends who care about me, and a God who is my Rock. I am blessed for sure!!!

Nov. 26: I am thankful for my family today. My Dad, my Mom, my Brother, my son, my pets, and all of my extended family that I didn't get to see today. I am so thankful that I have people who love me & would do anything for me. It's a true blessing!

Oct 30, 2009

~week In review~

I haven't bloggged lately b/c I didn't really have much to say so I figured I would recap the week, its been a busy one!!!

Sunday: The day after the Fall Festival which turned out to be great (according to others who were there) & I swore I was just gonna come home & chill but I forced myself to go to the Y for a Step class & Zumba, yep thats right, almost a 2 hr. workout, I needed it though, so it was okay.

Monday: Woke up at 6:40am & my body was screaming at me..."you eeeedddiiiioooot, what were you thinking?!" But, there are no breaks when you're a mom so I HAD to get up & get Grant ready for school. I raced to get him dressed, fed, & lunch packed so I could quickly return to bed. Bill offered to take him & I didn't resist the offer. I went back to bed @ 7:30 & slept until 10:30am. Oh how wonderful that felt, and my body thanked me sincerely. I just stayed home the rest of the day and piddled around until it was time to go get the boy from school.

Tuesday: Up & at 'em early, got Grant off to school, came home, did a bit of laundry, unload & load dishwasher, ate some b'fast then headed out for my Tues. morning exercise class. Got a text from my brother that he & my favorite Uncle Fred were bringing my Mamaw up to see my dad in Lebanon. So after my class, Bill & I headed out there for a visit. It was great to see my grandmother. I fear she doesn't have much longer on this earth but I know her place is secured in heaven. I love her so much & desperately wish I could see her more.

Wednesday: HUMP DAY! Today was Grant's first Field Trip @ Pumpkin Hill in Mt. Juliet. Bill & I got there early to meet the bus but later found out that the buses that were supposed to be @ Tulip Grove Elem arrived late to pick up the Kindergarten classes & then they had to cram all the kids into two buses b/c the third one wasn't coming at all. Since Grant is zoned Metro, its not surprising that the lack of communication has been a generational problem. Speaking of MNPS, I have tried to make contact with different people in HR to find out about an online interview I have to do AND obtaining some info in regards to subbing in this system. So far, NO ONE! has returned my phone calls. So I say FFFFOOOORRRGGEETT IIITTTT! I am not going to waste any more of my time trying to deal with people who can't return a phone call. NEXT!!!

Thursday: I stayed up way too late & tried to talk myself out of going to the gym but I didn't get to go to Zumba on Wed. so I seriously had to force myself to get to the gym. After I finished exercising, I raced home to change clothes & dashed out the door to get to Lebanon. I FINALLY am getting closer to substituting in Wilson Co. I met with the sub coordinator & I got my paperwork completed & left with a Handbook & orders to go get a drug test. The place I went to was nearby so I went in, signed my name to the clipboard & sat down. I thought to myself, "Self, this shouldn't take too long, all I gotta do is pee in a cup & viola! I should be outta here in no time flat!" Well, that wasn't the took an hour worth of waiting for a ten minute testing procedure. It was somewhat awkward handing over a cup of your own bodily fluid to a shall we say handsome young lab technician. Yes, it was a tinge bit embarassing. Moving on, I had a dentist appt @ 1pm to get a filling replaced that I lost on Wed. So I was in Lebanon & guess where my dentist is? in Madison. I took rt. 109 hoping I could make it there in an hour. NOPE! got held up in construction traffic for 20 minutes or more. I called the dentist office to let them know I was going to be late. After much speeding & praying that I wouldn't get a tixket, I made it there. Sat in the dentist chair for 2 hours!!!! One filling took 2 hours!!!! OMG! I was about to take a nap when they finally got back to me. Sheesh, what a pain! I spent the evening with my boy "chill-axin" and picking up around the house.

Friday: a Dr. Phil-ism "today is going to be a changing day in your life". Yep, thats for sure!
I haven't been an open book about this topic so I have chosen to reveal the details here in this forum for all to read & understand. So here it goes. Its possible that people have wondered why Bill & I haven't had another child. We have been trying for about the past year-year & a half. Every month became a waiting game & then disappointment. So I requested that Bill go to his Dr. & get some blood work done & another semen analysis. Around the same time he had his appts. I went to my ob/gyn for a yearly exam ( I haven't had one in 2 yrs.), she also wanted to test my hormone levels & my thyroid. Fast forward a bit, my pap smear came back normal, my progesterone level was a bit on the low side but my thyroid was normal. Bills tests came back & his hormone level was normal but the sperm count, morphology, and motility were abnormal meaning below levels that are normal or conducive to producing a baby. So my ob/gyn recommended us to the Nashville Fertility Center. Our appt. with them was today 10/30.
Before I even walked through the doors, I took a deep breath & asked God to guide me in my emotions & to stay aware of what was going to be said. More times than not, I seem to tune out what doctors say & my thoughts overtake my ability to really listen & understand what the doctor is saying. Anyway, met with Dr. Abby Eblin. She was super nice, straight to the point, explained everything clearly & seemed pretty supportive. I guess you have to be when you are the doctor trying to help perform miracles. She went over our health history, asked us some more questions and gave us our "game plan". More on that in just a minute. Bill had to get outta there p-d-q to get Grant from school so they rushed him to the lab to give blood to run more tests. I on the otherhand stayed so Dr. Eblin could examine me & they also did an ultrasound. I waited for about 30 min. for her to come back & let me know what the ultrasound showed. I have a small cyst (has a funky name) on my left ovary. Nothing life threatening but she does want to watch it b/c if it grows, it might need to be removed. One positive thing is that a woman of my age normally has 10 or less microfollicles but I have about 10-15 on each side which is good b/c those are what release the egg from the ovaries. She also took another blood sample for some further testing, she wants to check hormone levels again. OKAY, with all that being said, here is the Game Plan:
Its a procedure called IUI *intrauterine insemination*. Google that and you will find out what its all about. I won't go into a lot of detail about it but that is what we are going to do next month. So there you have it, the whole kitten crazy busy life in just one week.
I apologize if this is too long, I like to share what's on my mind.

Oh, and since today is Halloween, we are headed over to my OBF's house for some food, fun, & trick or treating I will post pics sometime next week. Be safe out there!!! until next time,

Oct 19, 2009

random thoughts that wont escape me

Like every other woman on this planet, I have a continuous list of things "to do". OR the thoughts of things that never escape me! Here are some of them!

*I need to finish some projects that are related to our church's Fall Festival & I need to get them done quickly

* I wish I knew how to sew, I reall,y want to learn before I die!

* Grant is home for Fall are we going to get along?

* I have plans to exercise everyday this week....can I stick to it?

* I want to do some Personal Training but I need about $200 extra buck laying around.

* I LOVE makes me feel like a sexy Latina lady!!! LOL : ) just kidding!

* I am not an event planner nor will I ever claim to be!

* How old will my son be before he stops entering the bathroom uninvited while I am doing my business?

* I wonder if I can take a Free photography class online somewhere?

*how is it that I can make a list for the grocery store & still forget that ONE thing I really needed? my dad knows what I mean!

* Now more than ever, I need God's providence in my life....everything seems uncertain, everything but HIM!

* how long will it take for me to starti subbing, I mean really, I didn't think it would take THIS long!

* I would like to go on the beach!

* I hope this weekend goes off w/o a hitch!!! but I am not sleeping outside if it rains during Caravan day ho day (as MCM would say)...fat chance for that one!

* My son is a pecious child given to me by God & if he is the only one I will ever have, I will be thankful for God's goodness. Jeremiah 29:11

* I miss the Fall.....hate the cold!

until next time......luvyameanit!

Oct 7, 2009

Honeysuckle Hill Farm

We went out of our comfort zone this year & visited a different Pumpkin Patch. Its called Honesuckle Hill Farm & its in Springfield, TN. Its so gorgeous out there in the counrty. There was a ton of stuff to keep the boy occupied. As you can see from the pictures, he really enjoyed himself. They had like 5 different play structures, an enormous sand box, tire swings, teeter totther, hay ride (w/o hay), corn mazes, a cow train, etc....It was a lot of fun, we stayed out there for at leat 3 hrs. Its definitely a favorite in my book of places to go. Oh, and they had pretty decent food & a super cute "old general store" type of concession stand. I even bought some homeade blackberry preserves. TFR!

you can click on the pictures to make them bigger....

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~anniversary gift~

My swwet hubby bought me a new scrappin' gadget....he knows how to melt my heart....
I didnt know how to copy & paste an actual picture but here's a link to my new excited!!

Oct 4, 2009

~Our Story~

I have never taken the opportunity to tell the story of us, so here it goes......
After finishing my first year @ Trevecca, I found a place to live in Mt. Juliet & a summer job at WalMart. I didn't know a soul except for the lady I was living with & the people I attended church with. So, while working one day, I noticed a guy who worked part time in the Electronics dept. I didn't know his name but I figured he looked like a guy I could hang out with & just have a pal to show me around the area. Before we really started talking, we caught a shoplifter who was trying to steal a television coming through my line. Anyway, I asked him if he wanted to go get a drink (coke) one day & he said sure. Our first meeting was a bit hysterical b/c I was unfamiliar with the area restaurants & I thought that O'Charleys was on Lebanon Rd., instead its on Old Hickory Blvd. I was so embarrassed that I showed up 20 min. late. He didn't seem to care. BTW, our first "date" was on his mom's birthday as I later found out. It seems like we never skipped a beat since then. We dated for over year but he proposed to me on his birthday that same year. We got hitched on Oct. 4, 1997. It was a small wedding, paid mostly by us. I was 20, he was 25. So young was I but I was tired of playing the games of the guys I was dating. Our honeymoon years were fun....we went to Vegas when I turned 21, he spoiled me in every way you can think of (he still does), and we had our typical newlywed fights. I can remember one fight we had where I slammed his leg in the door of my car & made a really bad bruise.....I don't even remember what we were fighting about but I do remember hurting him, don't worry he forgave me....I think? lol.
We made it to 5 years & celebrated in Hawaii....I don't think I ever told anyone this but I thought I was pregnant when we were in Hawaii but in retrospect I think I had a bad test or just simply an extremely late cycle. When we were coming home, I started to think I was miscarrying but the opposite was happening, it was just really bad period. Anyway, we started to think more seriously about having children. I started tracking my cycles, counting days, taking my temperature & fertility drugs, on & on it went for almost three years. Then my MIL passed away in August of 2003, my FIL moved into our home, we were trying to sell their home, I was going to school, working, dealing with all sorts of emotions & stress, ugh it was all a bit much at the time. In addition, I remember a big fight between us the weekend of Halloween. I think I gave him the silent treatment for at least a 24 hour period. I was furious with what transpired on Halloween ( I won't mention it but it was terrible). Then, on a Saturday night we went to dinner @ Longhorn & had a "come to Jesus meeting" & then he drove me up to the Hermitage Hills Church of Christ parking lot which overlooks the city of Hermitage. I forgave him for his mistake & realized in our conversation that I hadn't had a period in several weeks. I thought to myself, 'heck, I will get a test & see what happens'. The next morning was a Sunday and we were getting ready to go to church. I took the test & hopped in the shower. Bill was the one who saw the results first & we were both shocked. Nine months later on July 1, 2004 we had our son, Grant. We celebrated seven years & things were rough that first year of child rearing. But, we make it through. His dad moved out in early 2005 & life seemed to get a bit smoother. I wanted to get back into school so after Grant turned one, I re-enrolled part time @ the community college. My BFF kept him for me so I could go to classes. When Grant turned 2 1/2, I went back to school full time. It truly was a challenging four years, we juggled a lot between us. We had to work hard at communicating & sharing responsibilities. He was definitely supportive of my desire to earn a college degree but there were times when it was stressful on both of us. This past year has had its challenges as well. I won't ever believe that marriage is easy. It has its moments where you can say to yourself "what was I thinking?" but then there are the moments & memories that make you laugh especially at each other and at yourself. I can say one thing about my husband, he's definitely a comic when he wants to be. I also know that he truly loves me, wants me to be happy, and would do anything for me. Its been a ride for sure, I pray that we last at least another 12 years....then maybe I can trade him in for a new model, hehe J/K.
And that folks, is the story of us.....

Oct 2, 2009

HaLLoWeen TReaT BoX

So I finally finished one of my many Halloween Craft projects. Its a treat boc that I plan to use for a party later this month. I was inspired to try this when I saw a similar project in one of the October magazines I picked up @ Lowe's one day. I actually didn't plan to do it unitl I found the 'naked' house at Hobby Lobby. I picked up some "halloweenee" looking paper & modge podge. The most time consuming part was the rooftop. I had to cut the paper into squares & then distress the edges with black ind. The fence is made out of jumbo craft sticks covered with gray paper & distressed with black ink as well. I hot glued the sticks to the edge. I think its so cute, I can't wait to use it. Oh, & the boy helped me a bit too, he thought it was fun to be my assisstant. TaTa4now!
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Sep 30, 2009

[ our newest family member ]

I was waiting to introduce our new family member to make sure that she would be a permanent fixture in our household. She seemed to good to be true....fully housebroken, spayed, non-barking, loving, & kid friendly!!!Her probationary period is over so I guess she's staying. LOL!
Oh! and her name is D.O.G. pronounced "dee-oh-gee". Say it quickly & it sounds Chinese. A couple of funny things about her: she won't leave our living room b/c she slips on the hard wood floors, & she's not fond of the camera (notice that she looks sad) but I still took her picture. Grant loves her & I am trying to get him to take on some responsibility in caring for her. All in all, she's a good pup....we think we'll keep her!!!

~~Rained Out~~

I don't really know why but I adore this picture. We went camping over Labor day @ Cedars of Lebanon State Park. Grant was ecstatic to go camping even though he whined & complained the whole time we were there. Anyway, we had a reservation to go horseback riding on Sat. afternoon. Well, just as we got there, it started to puur rain. He took the cancellation pretty well. However, note to self, next time we go camping, we will 'drag' a friend along so he won't be so bored. TFR =D

Sep 28, 2009

*** bOOk rEvIEw***

So I FINALLY finished my summer book read. Gosh, that took fooorrreeevvveeerrr!!!! I think I started reading this book mid-July. The name of the book is BAREFOOT by Elin Hilderbrand. It was published in 2007 but she's a NYT bestseller so I figured it was probably going to be a good read. The story line is about three women who go to Nantucket Island for the summer. Two of the women are sisters & the other woman is one of the sister's best friends. Each of these women have their own issues but the main character Vicki is a young mother of two boys & was diagnosed with lung cancer. She escapes to the island to spend time away from her crazy life in New York & spend precious time with her kids, sister, and best friend. The only thing I didn't care for was some of the scattered curse words, it didn't add anything to the story. Anyway, I won't give away the ending in case someone out there wants to read it. The only thing I really got from this book was a deep desire to visit MA and the island of Nantucket. I think it would be so cool to rent a summer beach house in a quaint & historic town town & just chill out fro the summer. I give this book three out of five THUMBS UP!

P.S. I am working on getting pics of some recent things I am working on. Stay tumed!

Sep 20, 2009

***weekend re-cap***

So the weekend came & went just like that....Friday evening started out pretty normal, I had to work at the Y from 4-7pm. Gosh, I was so sleepy during those 3 hours, I thought I was being tortured. We were invited over to friends' house for a cookout & games, so after work I headed over there. Got lost, of course, even my GPS didn't know where I was supposed to go. Its very picky when it comes to the difference between a Court & a Lane. Anyway, I got there & finally got to eat & then we played two rounds of Taboo! GIRLS WON! Left there and was so relieved to go to bed, I was 'spent'. Saturday morning, I had to work AGAIN at the Y, this time 8-11am. BUT my bff called around 7-ish & told me it was time! she was going to the hospital to have her third kiddo. I came home after the Y and fed the boy lunch, then we headed over to Summit so I could get bff's consignment sale ticket & run to get her stuff. After that, the boy & I went to the church so I could TRY & get a few things done in my classroom. No such Luck! I was only there about 20 min. tops. So I came back home, thank goodness Bill was up & I told him I needed a "mommy moment". Oh & I forgot to mention, in between my taxi driving, I went to get the mail & guess what was waiting for me? My college diploma......BENT ALL to "bleep"!!! I was so ANGRY I started to cry. I called the USPS & made an official complaint. The post man/woman shoved the document in my mailbox with no regard to the fact that maybe it contained an important document. Its also partly TSU's fault b/c from what I understood, it was supposed to be sent certified mail & I was supposed to sign for it. I get that its just a piece of paper but I paid a lot of money & endured a lot of stress & worked really hard to earn that piece of paper & then I get it & its ruined!!! So we'll see what the USPS has to say about it, I hope they have enough sense to rectify the situation. N E way, I took a "mommy moment" & caught up on my show Army Wives. At this point, I was waiting to hear from HAM about her baby, she texted me while we were at Cracker Barrel eating dinner. So Xciting! We came home, and settled in for the night. Sunday's can go really, really well or really really bad at our house. Well, today it went really really bad mainly b/c of the boy's misbehavior & backtalking (disrespectfulness). So, I went to the extreme & took away television time for the rest of the week. I'm thinking this could be part of his problem. I am going to make it a point to monitor more closely his television time & I'm thinking about how I can cut his viewing time way down......later in the day, Bill & I went to see the new baby @ the hospital.....he's so tiny & cute!!! I'm so happy for her & her family.
Well, that it! thats the weekend....oh & I'm working on something else CRAFTY, I will post pics when I get it completed....I hope it turns out to be as cute as I imagined. TFR X-D

Sep 16, 2009

{ BoYs & baBieS }

I can never come up with the right words or describe the love I have for this kid. He's what I prayed for since I can remember, he is my present gift. I have to remind myself, especially lately, that God has given me the greatest blessing, & opportunity to make a difference in the world by allIowing me to be a mother. I am still grappling with the idea that he is in Kindergarten, and growing up way too quickly but then I think about the near future & all the fun stuff we have to look forward to. I want to be the Cub Scout mom, the home room mom, the "cool" mom whose house all his friends want to hang out at. I try to think of different ways we can make memories b/c I want him to remember his childhood as one that was healthy & happy. Parents always want their kids to have more or better than they did, right? Recently, the boy has been asking for a baby. Oh, if he only knew how much I wanted a baby!!! I tell him he can pray to Jesus for his baby & we'll see what happens. One of the sweetest things he has said is that when the baby goes to bed, he will tuck it in, tickle its arms, back, and legs & give it kiss goodnight. My heart just melted when he shared that with me. Oh, how I pray he will be a great big brother. Don't get too excited, I "ain't" pregnant, YET! I, or shall I say, We are doing our part, but the month to month waiting can be aggravating at times. When that day comes, LOOK OUT!, I think we will have one proud little boy walking around letting everyone know he's going to be the big brother. I look forward to multiplying our family....I'll keep ya posted!!!! TFR


So, here is the diaper cake that I made for my BF's baby shower. Whenever I think about making something, especially for the first time which is the case for this project, I have to visualize it in my head. I had a good concept of what I wanted, so I set out to gather all the "ingredients". First I had to find some diapers, I wanted to get the smallest possible diapers so the mom to be can use them a.s.a.p. Then, I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up ribbon & flowers. I picked a gender neutral ribbon & then I decided to compliment the cake with a variety of colored daisies. I found some super cute "bling bling" stems to add extra cute-ness to it. All in all, it turned out really adorable. I also tucked 3 sleepers & 3 gowns as an added gift inside the cake. I hope I get the chance to make another one someday, it was really fun to create!!! TFR =D

Aug 31, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, my brother a.ka. Uncle P, went out of town to visit a friend & he asked us to watch his dog, Daisy. Of course, the G man was totally excited about having a dog for one whole week. Daisy is a good dog, old but good. She has a had eye but that's what happens when your like 63 in human years. We took Daisy for a walk on the Stones River green way. Grant loved holding the leash & being "in charge" of a dog. I figure he enjoys being the boss of something since his parents are the boss of him. =D

First day of Kindergarten

August 14, 2009 was the first day of school even though it was just a half day. Grant has been so excited about starting school. I tried to prepare him for many things so he wouldn't be too intimidated by the changes. He went to school another half day on Monday the 17th, and then full days starting on Tuesday. I was really strong up until the point that I left him sitting there on Monday as he sat down to color while the teacher was busy greeting parents. Bill chuckled at my tears and later asked why I started to choke up and cry. My reasons were a) he is my only child and going to "big" kid school is a BIG deal, b) in just a few short years (!3 to be exact) he will be a Senior in high school!, and c) I am a MOM, and mom's are sentimental, it's just hard to be strong at times.
But, he absolutely positively LOVES school. He really like his teacher and is learning so much stuff. He is all into spelling various words and counting over and over. It's a bit annoying at times, but I try really hard to humor him when he gets into these spelling and counting moods. Last week, I inadvertantly left my keys in Bill's car and we were tardy for school. He was sitting on the couch and moaned "Mom, I really want to go to school!" I told him we were going, we wre just going to be a little late. A close friend came to our rescue and he was only 8 minutes tardy. Now, I make sure I have keys on the table before I go to bed at night. It's been challenging to stick to a bedtime routine but we have done pretty well considering church on Wed. & Sun. He's so handsome in his dress code clothes....I can't wait to scrapbook this photo.

Aug 23, 2009

A couple of Things

When there's something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call?
The crazy life of raising a boy. He desperately wanted me to put this "beaty" mask on b/c he wanted to look like a ghost. I told him that it when it dried it would start to get tight on his skin. So, of course it didn't last long. He loved watching Ghostbusters on television a few weeks ago and had the theme song memorized in a matter of days. I think he will turn out like Bill in that whole "remembering useless information" category. N E way, just wanted to share a few things.


We had some friends over for some delicious food and serious game playing! The kids wanted to sit outside under the canopy to eat and my BF captured this precious moment when the kids were getting ready to pray over their food. You can tell that Grant is quite the ladies man with 3 girls to sit with. So adorable! I don't know what life would be like without our friends. Each of our close friends mean so much to us and I pray that our kids will grow up to be friends for a lifetime as well. I love having all the kids over and listening to them play and imagine and laugh. It's true, life IS sweeter with good friends to share it with!!! X D

Aug 15, 2009

Kindergarden Open House

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So the antcipation for Kindergaarden Open House has been building all week and we finally attended it on Thursday 08*13. G-man was very excited, he jumped out of the van door before I could even get out. We signed up for PTO which seems like they have a lot of fun things planned for the school year. Daddy bought Grant a polo shirt with the school's name and mascot on it. The shirt was a lifesaver b/c on the way to the school, he spilled sticky stuff from a previously opened thing of candy on the clean shirt I had JUST put on him before we left the house.arrrggghhh, BOYS!!! I didn't freak too much, it was only a small amount but still.......Anyway, we all gathered in the cafeteria to listen to the Principal give her "schpill". Seems like she is nice and supportive. When we were in the cafeteria waiting, Grant saw a boy who was in his Pre-K class @ LPA, but he wasn't in his class. Then, there's a little girl who goes to church with us and she is in Grant's class. I think that built his confidence a liitle.

He was overjoyed to see a SpongeBob book in the Reading Ctr. which had an obvious impact on his opinion of school. Each student has their own locker for their backpack and how ironic that his locker "neighbor" is named Emma. He got tremendoulsy excited thinking it was his BFF from church but realized quickly there is more than just one girl named Emma in the world, LOL. All of the Kindergarden teachers went with the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom theme and I think Mrs. Gillespie's bulletine board was the best. SHe had a 3D tree hanging up on the board and a blow up palm tree with alphabet letters attached. SO Cute! Ok, so I have written enough. Thanks for Reading!

Aug 11, 2009

The CUTEST kids in the whole world

Oh, to be a child and never know how much fun parents have trying to get their kids to perform and capturing it on video. Emm and Grant are the best of friends and they might just end up taking their talents on the road LOL :D These two videos seriously crack me up!!!

Aug 2, 2009

My favorite new Kitchen appliance

So, I got this Keurig coffee maker as a Graduation gift from my family on my Dad's side. It has been sitting in the box since the party. and my brother kept teasing me about how desperately I wanted one and then when I got one, it just sat on the floor un-opened. Well,I finally made a home for it on my countertop and tried her out for the first time yesterday. I like hot coffee in the winter and iced cofee in the summer so that probably played a part in the reluctance to break it out. I was craving some coffee, didn't want to run out to get any and didn't want to make a full pot, so this Keurig makes one perfect cup of joe. If you're not familiar with this type of coffee maker, it makes just one cup but the coffee comes in little containers that you just pop into the machine. There are a ton of flavors to choose from and you can also purchase flavored teas. Its so awesome. I think it will be so great when I get up in the mornings just to pop in a coffee "pod", and by the time I get out of the shower or finish getting ready for "Whatever", vwoilla, my coffe is ready!!! I love it! It's one of my new favorite things!!! TFR

Jul 25, 2009

#32 Reflection

Well, Thursday was my birthday, no big deal really, just another year.... time just keeps ticking. It seems that the older you get, the faster the time flies. It's funny how when your a kid, especially a little girl, you think about how your life will unfold in a particular order and really it never seems to turn out the way your illusions led you to believe. I really thought that I would have completed college by the time I was 23 and then get married, and then have at least two kids by thirty. So NOT how its happened. But I guess God knows what he's doing. Speaking of which, I really am trying to stay faithful with this whole job search. It's very difficutt to not worry, fret and be anxious about. It's just that I want to know what my future holds at least for the next two months. It is an aspiration/dream to teach and I really want to be a teacher in Wilson Co. I have had some inner struggles with my self esteem and self confidence lately. I have never been the type to "toot my own horn" so its really hard for me to present myself in a way that makes my ability to be a teacher appealing to principals. It would be lovely if a principal just looked at my resume and only asked a few questions and then instanly hired me. There goes my grand illusions again! The whole job thing really scares me and excites me all at the same time. I don't know, I hate to sound like I am rambling on and on about the job thing, it's just at the forefront of my mind. On another note, my boy will be going to Kindergarten. I pray he is ready for all the things he will be doing and learning. I don't doubt he will adapt quickly, I just hope he is a good student in every sense of the word. We should be hearing something from the school about an Open House or something similar where he can go and meet the teacher and we can get a better grasp of what his day will be like. I have fretted over the idea of revealing my profession as a teacher to his teacher b/c I don't want it to sound like I know it all or could easily cricize things. However, it is an aadvantage because I will know the right things to ask and the things to look for as far as Grant's ability to comprehend and learn what he's supposed to be learnign if that makes any sense.
So as as one more birthday passes, I feel as though the plans I want to make for the next few months are up in the air until I get a job or not. Maybe thats why just a few weeks ago, I was in a real funk about thingss and life was weighing me down. I just say a little prayer each night asking God to help me stay positive and faithful. I try to remember and say Jeremiah 29:11 and the Serenity prayer. I guess I will end here. Just wanted to reflect a little. TFR

Jul 12, 2009

~the big 5~

So the boy is finally five years old. He thinks he's a big shot now. It took more than a few times to explain to him that his birthday party was going to take place before his actual birthday and so when the official day came, he was beside himself. I told him he could do ANYTHING he wanted on his birthday and it didn't take him much time to decide that he wanted to eat @ IHOP for breakfast and then he wanted to go swimming. Grammy came into town for a quick trip so we all went to the big Y pool. We came home and got ready to meet church friends at the park.
The Transformer cake was created solely by my BFF, Heather. She totally rocks! It turned out so good and it was very delicious. I used the toy Transformers from his collection of Happy Meal memorabilia. I have the hardest time comprehending where the time has gone. It's just insane to think that it wasn't so long ago that he was an infant, chubby and cute. Now, he's getting taller and leaner and of couse, telling it like it is when things aren't going his way. I love him so much and I pray that he grows up to be a kind, compassionate, and respectful young man. Simply put, he's my one and only
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Lake Winnie on the 4th of July

The 3 of us + Grammy took a weekend trip to Chattanooga and Lake Winnie is right outside there in a town called Rossville, GA. When I was about 9 or 19, my Aunt took a bunch of us kids to Lake Winnepesaukah and I have great memories of that day. So, this year, I wanted to take Grant there and it was just as I had imagined. It's a small family owned, old style amusement park and it is perfect for families with young kids. Grant talked me into riding the "Pipeline Plunge" which is a water ride. Silly me thought I couldn't get too wet, but from the picture, you can tell that I was freakin' out b/c my shorts were totally soaked. I bought the foam Statue of Liberty visor for Grant to wear but I ended up wearing it for a little bit. People probably thought I looked a little silly but for me, it was about re-connecting with my childhood. I got a good quadricep workout when we did the Paddleboats. The boy's legs weren't long enough of course so I was the one doing all the work. We had so much fun, I think we might make this a DeFelice summer traadition. The day wasn't complete until I bought a frozen banana as we departed the park......aaaahhhh, what a great day!!!
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Jun 24, 2009

Where did the time go?

In less than a week my one and only child will be five years old...I just can't believe it! I was running an errand the other day and I asked Grant if he was excited about starting Kindergarten, he said "No, not really" and neither am I. But we have to face the inevitable and it won't be long when we will make the trip to Wal-Mart to buy school supplies, a back-pack, and lunch box. I tear up just thinking about dropping him off and letting him make his way without me there. The hardest part to consider is that once your child gets into school, the time really does fly by and before you know it, they are asking for the car keys. I am not worried about him making new friends, however, I am very worried about his mouth and how it could potentially get him into a lot of trouble. He's been the type of kid who is well behaved for other people, it's just his parents with whom he cops an attitude with. I am praying for his teacher and hoping that she will be a good fit for him. Being a teacher myself, it's probably going to be easy for me to scrutinize things so I will have to keep my own mouth shut unless I completely disagree with something I strongly believe in. So anyway, I just wanted to jot down my thoughts while I had a few minutes.

BTW, I took this photo on the day I graduated college and then a friend told me about PicNik, a photo editing website and I went there to enhance this picture. I love it!!! Thanks AP for the tip!!

May 30, 2009

May 9, 2009

I have meaning to sit down and get a picture of my college graduation posted.. It was a very special day and I tried really hard to soak up every moment. Standing in the midst of the other girls I had made this journey with, seeing my family, and reflecting on how hard I had worked to get to this point in my life made me want to cry. I teared up a little but I didn't want my mascara to run (such a girl is me). Anyway, it's a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and a true sense of pride that now I can acutally say "I have a degree in Education". Thanks to all my friends and family who supported me in prayers and words of encouragement. Most of all, I thank God, my Father who I relied on in my deepest hours of need and when life seemed unbearable with all the stressors that come with being a mom, wife, and student. It truly was by His grace that I made it through.

May 6, 2009

Pulling an "all nighter"

Well, here I sit slaving away at the computer, hopefully for the last time and for awhile. I am working on my online portfolio that will most likely not even be looked at but it's a graduation requirement. I don't know how seriously the "big wig" will take it but I guess it's best to have it done than not at all. Tomorrow after my exit interview, I will be coming back home and crashing for a few hours. Then, I can relax knowing that graduation is just a few days away. I am very excited but it all seems surreal. The only thing I can relate this experience to is the birth of a child. You carry something for so long, work hard at making it through every struggle, obstacle or challenge and then finally, the baby comes and it's so exciting yet scary too. That's sort of how I feel. I can only assume that some people don't take the idea of having a college education and a degree as seriously as I do but it really is a big deal to me. Especially now that I am older and can appreciate it more. Anyway, I will post later in the week and try to upload some pics. BTW, my little boy is "graduating" from PreK in June. I thought it might be cute if we got our pics made together in our caps and gowns....wouldn't that be too hilarious!!! : )

Apr 29, 2009

the wonders of childhood

It's so amazing that little things like a caterpillar are what fascinates young childeren. Grant has discovered them at school and just recently found one here at home. He really loves and wants to keep them. I told him that they have mommies and daddies too and that if he kept it, they wouldn't be able to turn into butterflies. The most amazing thing that makes me smile is that he is very gentle and talks to it. Ahhh, the innocence of childhood. Sometimes, I miss it myself.

Mar 28, 2009

In the Home Stretch

Wow, it's been awhile since I have blogged, huh? It's hard to believe at times that the end is near for this journey in college. There are only six weeks left of Student Teaching and then I will be a graduate May 9th. Life happened in the ten years that I was "supposed" to graduate from college but that's okay, I don't think I would trade any of it, especially the time I had with Grant his first year of life. I am trying hard to not worry about the future and live for the moment. My prayer is that God knows what I need and if there is a job out there for me, he will be the one to lead me to it.
One other thing that I haven't been real open about about with the exception of a few people is that Bill and I want to have another child. I was stressing out about it for the first three months of this year but have finally resigned myself to "if it happens, it happens" and not worrying about it. I still have some weight loss goals and if a pregnancy interrupts that, then I am okay with that too. I want to enjoy the summer with Grant before he trots off to Kindergarten in the fall. Well, that's all from my little corner right now. : ) luvyameanit

Feb 16, 2009

Flying Solo with God as my Captain

Well, this week and the following week, I will be teaching EVERYTHING and taking over the first grade classroom that I am in right now. I have been writing down my plans, getting things prepared for some of my centers and small group activities. It's definitely a lot of work but I really enjoy it. I like being busy, it keeps my mind occupied and my body active. I lost one pound last week and I truly attribute it to the simple fact that I am constantly moving in and out of the classroom. The only time I really get to sit for a moment is during planning period and lunch, oh and later in the dat with small groups. I am truly blessed with the cooperating teacher that has taken me under her wing and guided me through a lot of planning, paperwork, and assessments. I am also very blessed to have a very well managed, well behaved classroom full of bright and cheerful children whom I truly adore. I know you're not supposed to have favorites but it's hard not to. These weeks of student teaching have really gone quickly and before I can take a breath, I will be moving on to my next placement; FOURTH GRADE! I am very nervous about teaching this age group but I have a really great cooperating teacher at this school and I think she will be just as helpful as my first grade cooperating teacher.
Finally, I have really been asking God to show me the "mediocrity" in my life and He is showing me that I have a real problem with judging others. It's the most difficult thing to NOT do because our humanness wants us to feel superior to those who are inferior. I am searching scripture and asking God to break this stronghold. I think it's going to be a lengthy process just because it's been such a long hard habit and to just completely stop is not possible without the Holy Spirit and God's divine grace. I just wanted to share that in the hopes that someone else might relate.

Jan 16, 2009

The Beginning of The End...

Just like when you were a kid and you couldn't sleep worth a darn because you were so anxious, excited, and scared about the first day of school. Well, that's how I felt on Thursday when I began the first day of Student Teaching. I woke up at 5am because I just couldn't lay in bed waiting for the alarm to go off. I got up, made a pot of coffee, jumped in the shower and got myself "spiffy-ed" up for those darling first graders I will be with for the next seven or so weeks.
I can't believe I am here at this point in my journey through school. I am so thankful and happy that I have made it. Through all the peaks and valleys, I have made it. It feels terrific and I am ready for it all. I love the challenge, the skills, and the wisdom I will gain from others that will only help me to become a better teacher. Only one thing left to say really,
Bring It On!!!
I'm Ready!!!

Jan 1, 2009


Comments & Myspace layouts

Wow, I can hardly believe how the past year has just flown by and now I get to start over again. There are a lot of things I hope to accomplish this coming year including to say the least, college graduation. That day will be full of emotions but also a day of relief and sense of accomplishment. My child will be turning five in a blink of an eye it seems and getting ready to start Kindergarten in the fall. Maybe just maybe he will get a baby sister or brother this year, we shall wait and see what God has planned. I am still keeping my weight loss goals on the front burner and plan to get back into the swing of things using what I have learned at Weight Watchers and keeping that support system in place. There is a lot to be accomplished and yet it all is so unknown, it is my faith that God knows what is best for me and rely on His wisdom to see me through whatever may come my way. It is my hope and prayer that all of my friends and family have a richly blessed 2009.