Feb 26, 2011

~letting it go~

so......what'd you do today? the weather was good enough for me to go rummage through the storage shed to get some stuff out for consignment sales.
I'm letting go of the baby stuff. Yep, it's going on 7 years. I can't hold on to this stuff in the hopes of having another baby. I just can't rationalize it. It's lunacy.
The baby bottles, the breast pump, the baby bouncer, the stroller/car seat combo, the swing, everything that I haven't used in about 5-6 years.
However, I have not given up totally on conceiving another child. It's the constant prayer of my heart as a woman. I seriously have talked to God and have said, "if I'm not supposed to have another child, just tell me in some way, clearly, concisely, without mincing words, TELL me and I will deal with it!" I haven't gotten that message yet, so I just do my thing and wait. Ask anyone, I'm good at waiting....I waited for this job I have now for almost 2 years. I will continue to wait.
So that's it, I'm letting it go & don't worry, I'm not a mess of tears. I just realized I can't continue to hold on to stuff that hasn't served it's purpose for awhile.
aaahhhhh, it feels good to de-clutter, and I'll be making some cash for it anyway!
Hope you have a fabulous weekend! : )

Feb 24, 2011

~nothing earth shattering~

I haven't blogged in like.Forever.
Because I don't have anything to really blog about!
Seems like February is kinda boring 'round here. I haven't taken a single picture of anything. not even of something insignificant, like the cat or something.Pitiful photographer I am.
I have been busy with school (my job) and when I get home, I just chill. I should be more productive at home, but lately I've been in this funk. No motivation,. no get up, no go. nada. just sit and doing zilch.
Monday, I came home from work, put my pajamas on and crawled into bed. I even ate dinner in bed, that's how bad of a funk I'm, in.
I want warm weather here. I want to go outside and smell the conception of spring.
I really need to get my lazy self in gear and get to taggin' for the consignment sale that's occurring in like. one week! Yikes!

On a more positive note, I won a Giveaway! yes I did : )
Go Here to read about it. Go to this Etsy shop and browse around.
If you could spend my GC, what would you buy? I'm stumped on what to get!
I'll let you know when the "funk"i-ness has dissipated!

Feb 21, 2011

I had heard that this book was really good & so I bought it on Kindle. I normally don't read a book in its entirety in less than a week but this book is THAT good! Very well written and the chapter are short enough to have a few read in about an hour. My favorite part of this book is "Three Minutes" which is what the little boy tell his dad in a matter of fact way the amount of time he was in Heaven. It really provokes the Christian to think about how God & Jesus really can bring to our earthly lives the images of Heaven and our hope of eternity. It's very awesome! Go Read it-NOW!

Feb 15, 2011


I am normally a "happy go lucky" kinda girl but today I'm sad. I came home from school and realized quickly that something was wrong with my mom. She has been staying with us temporarily on/off and has spent some months with her youngest sister in Missoiri who was diagnosed with stage four cancer  back in the fall.
So after many rounds of chemo & radiation, the cancer isn't really budging. Today, my mom said that the oncologist called and reported that there are lesions on the brain & pancreas. Which really means, it's just a matter of time.
BUT there is still a God in heaven & He is the ultimate physician. He knew abou this before it ever came a part  of her life. He is able to perfom miracles. He does it everyday & He did it thousands of years ago. He knows our deepest sorrow and he is our refuge from the storm. I continue to pray for her even though most of the time, I don't have the words.  Thankfully, He also knows our hearts.....

Feb 13, 2011

~Planting Love on Valentines Day~

I found this great blog called Yes! Teacher Crafts and she is having a great giveaway! The hitch? They are asking for donations to help a family who has lost their baby. They are named the Hills and they they have a big family. Sarah at Yes! Teacher is trying to help raise money for medical and funeral expenses.
I thougt it was a great idea and the chance to win some of this great stuff would be well worth the donation! So head on over there and read what's up for grabs!

Feb 12, 2011

joining up for SOOC

I found this weekend meme called Straight Out of the Camera hosted by Marvelous Mommy

I took this picture of Grant who NEVER takes a nap....like NEVER EVER NOT ON YOUR LIFE closes his eyes and falls asleep for any other reason besides bed time.....and I love that he is with his most prized possession.....Duck!

SOOC Saturday

Feb 11, 2011

You Capture ~cold~

I miss my adirondack summer chairs.....
snow has made it's home on my chairs more than once this winter


~you're tweet~ treat bags

Since I have been home for two straight days, I made these cute treat bags for the Teachers I work with, the office staff, and the Teacher Aides....
They ALL have been so nice to me, I wanted to do something nice for them....

as you can see the assembly line is a bit out of control

I seriously could eat a whole bowl of Hershey's Kisses in a matter of hours!

For the topper, I used my handy-dandy Cricut & cut out a bird and scalloped frame from the Songbird cartridge. I filled the bags with assorted chocolates and a Charms blow pop!
stapled the sides to hold the bag in place...
Then I wrote "your'e tweet" on the side! 

ok, so I'm a brown noser!
I admit It!

~i dig you~ treat bags

I was scouring the 'net looking for a cute way to do treat bags for Grant's class. I found this blog called  Orange Peanut and she featured a project that came from Family Fun magazine.

Here's some pics with directions!

the pencils were $1/12 x 2, the treatbags were $1/30 @ Big Lots
I had to order the shovels from a place called Century Novelty, they came out be @ 50 cents a piece
the candy is the most expensive part but I tried to get what was on sale...

I used my Cricut to cut out the tags using the Celebrations cartiridge
stamped " i dig you" on the red cardstock

I used pinking shears to cut off the top part of the bag for some extra 'joush"ing......
got some valentine colored ribbon to tie it all together
I think 19 kids will be very excited to get one of these!
Grant will be their BFF's!
~I aim to please~

all ready to go to school on Monday!

Feb 4, 2011

~making a difference~

So today I was given a compliment by the guidance counselor who spoke with a little boy (2nd grader) who I started pulling into my small group for Math. He doesn't really need the extra help or one on one with me BUT he needs someone to pay attention to him. He's the sweetest young boy but I noticed one day that he was 'depressed', not really enthusiastic about anything. I asked his teacher who I work with closely if she would ask the GC to speak with him just to make sure things at home were going okay.
That's what she did today and she asked this young boy, what is the best part about coming to school, and his reply was that 'he liked being in the Math group with Ms. Amanda because she's so nice and she makes it fun.'
I almost had to run to the bathroom and bawl my eyes out. Here I am, a mere support personnel, but my instincts told me this boy needed some attention, he needed someone to tell him how great he's doing, how smart he is, how well behaved he is.
I'm not tooting my own horn here. Thee reason I teach is because I want to make a difference. It's not for fame, glory or riches. It's the simple fact that I want EVERY student to succeed in ALL areas  and I want to do everything in my power to make that happen. However, there is a fine line teachers have to walk b/c you can't always assume that home life is bad or other circumstances change the way a child learns. The GC didn't discuss anything else with me but that one remark he shared. I hope that whatever difference I'm making is enough for him and all the others too!

Have a blessed weekend! : )