Feb 16, 2009

Flying Solo with God as my Captain

Well, this week and the following week, I will be teaching EVERYTHING and taking over the first grade classroom that I am in right now. I have been writing down my plans, getting things prepared for some of my centers and small group activities. It's definitely a lot of work but I really enjoy it. I like being busy, it keeps my mind occupied and my body active. I lost one pound last week and I truly attribute it to the simple fact that I am constantly moving in and out of the classroom. The only time I really get to sit for a moment is during planning period and lunch, oh and later in the dat with small groups. I am truly blessed with the cooperating teacher that has taken me under her wing and guided me through a lot of planning, paperwork, and assessments. I am also very blessed to have a very well managed, well behaved classroom full of bright and cheerful children whom I truly adore. I know you're not supposed to have favorites but it's hard not to. These weeks of student teaching have really gone quickly and before I can take a breath, I will be moving on to my next placement; FOURTH GRADE! I am very nervous about teaching this age group but I have a really great cooperating teacher at this school and I think she will be just as helpful as my first grade cooperating teacher.
Finally, I have really been asking God to show me the "mediocrity" in my life and He is showing me that I have a real problem with judging others. It's the most difficult thing to NOT do because our humanness wants us to feel superior to those who are inferior. I am searching scripture and asking God to break this stronghold. I think it's going to be a lengthy process just because it's been such a long hard habit and to just completely stop is not possible without the Holy Spirit and God's divine grace. I just wanted to share that in the hopes that someone else might relate.