Sep 30, 2010

30 Days of Insight

30 days hath September, April, June & November.......

a thirty day challenge to think about stuff you normally don't think about.....should be interesting & FUN!

Day 01- Guilty pleasure.

Blue Bell Ice Cream----Banana Pudding

Day 02- Something that inspires you.

when I have days that I feel like a mess, the Bible is my truest inspiration

Day 03- The five songs you would have with you on a desert island and why.

1. Feels Like Today: Rascal Flatts
2. Every Season: Nicole Nordemon
3. Freedom: Nicole C. Mullen
4. Our Hope Endures: Natalie Grant
5. Nothin' But Love: Whitney Houston

Day 04- What do you imagine paradise to be like?

there are no appropriate words to describe what Heaven will be like but I hope there are 3 things: coffee, chocolate & cheese!

Day 05- A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life.

I didn't write a letter but I told one of my college professors how much he changed my life because of how he taught a room full of women and his sincere compassion, kindness, and love for us made all of us better 'future' teachers. His name is Dr. Graham Matthews. He is a wonderful man! I will never forget him!

Day 06- Earliest thing you can remember.

I remember standing on the steps of my Elementary school waiting to go in for my first day of Kindergarten.

Day 07- Favorite cover of your favorite song.

Any Rascal Flatts cover is good for me!

Day 08- Someone you think would make a good president.

A dear lady I go to church with. Her name is Mrs. Betty. She is a straight forward, no bones about it honest and has a heart of gold. Plus the fact that she is a killer cook/baker. I love her dearly. She doesn't put up with any nonsense!

Day 09- Five things you want to see change.

1. a cure for all cancers
2. eliminate childhood hunger
3. for recycling to be a law
4. better educational opportunities for ALL children
5. better pay for educators who teach with passion, integrity, and effectiveness!

Day 10- A dream you had this past week described in detail.

I don't dream a lot b/c I'm so stinkin' tired....I might have to come back to this one

Day 11- Favorite picture ever taken of yourself.

the first picture of me holding my son after he was born

Day 12- Your favorite musical artist’s life story.

hhmmm, not sure, maybe Natalie Grant

Day 13- A memory that never fails to make you laugh.

the night two friends & I walked several miles to go t.p. a boys house we went to school was a myriad of mistakes that happened that night, lets just say, its a God thing that we didn't get arrested!

Day 14- Best mashup you’ve ever heard.

I have no idea! outta the loop on this one!

Day 15- A moment, phrase, or song that has changed your life the most.

the day I graduated college changed my life forever, it was a very long and difficult journey and I pray that by setting the example for my son, you are never too old to get an education!

Day 16- Something that you want to do within the next five years.

I want to go to Italy in 2012. That will be the hubs & I 15 yr. anniversary. I want to spend at least 10 days there.

Day 17- What you want to be remembered for.

just one? I want my son to say that I was a great Mom. I want others to say that they saw Jesus in me, in my words, actions, and deeds. I want to be remembered as an awesome teacher!

Day 18- A picture that makes you feel.

I have a ton of pictures that make me feel all kinds of feelings. I love the pictures I take for my friends. It helps me perfect my photography skills which are not all that great to begin with. BUT! I have taken some pretty decent ones. I love taking pics of my baby boy!

Day 19- A passage from a book that has touched you.

that's a bit tough.....I love scripture and I have my favorites but I also like what Rick Warren says in his book "Purpose Driven Life" which is that Life is a Temporary Assignment and that we are Not an Accident

Day 20- A band that you immediately liked and the song that made you like them.

Die Hard Rascal Flatts Fan! one of their first singles is "Movin' On" hit a chord with pun intended!

Day 21- Your favorite medium of art.

Day 22- Someone you would give your life up for without question.

any of my family members especially my own son!

Day 23- Most awkward first impression you feel you’ve ever given.

this probably occurred sometime between the age of 14 and 19. I don't really remember stuff like that but I was a pretty awkward teen so I'm sure there were moments that my first impressions were uh, not so great!
Day 24- Something you did as a child that other people remember you for.

I would line up all my baby dolls & stuffed animals and pretend to play school! Ironic b/c now I really am a teacher! hahaha

Day 25- Something you would do if no one stopped you or if you knew you wouldn’t fail
A full marathon....Boston or New York?

Day 26- Your definition of love.

stolen from Dr. Phil: Waking up everyday and asking yourself "what can I do today to make my significant other's life easier?", that's what I call Love.

Day 27- Your definition of the meaning of life.

I think we are all here for a purpose. Not necessarily what WE think is our purpose but what God has purposed for us. I believe we go through mountains and valleys that teach us lessons as well as lean on God's love for us and give him the ultimate praise when prayers are answered. I think we are vessels in which God's light and unconditional love is to be alive and bright in all that we say and do.

Day 28- A moment you remember being completely happy in and a description of why you believe you were. What is your definition of happiness?

there are several of these but I will go with one that happened last week. After 16 months, I was finally hired in the school district that I have been wanting to be in since I began my college career in 2005. Its not the "dream" job as a classroom teacher but its a job where I think and truly believe is where God wants me in. I think its going to be a wonderful opportunity to observe, learn,m and grow into a more effective and successful teacher. I almost cried when I was offered the job b/c I know that God does answer our prayers and he always uses seasons like I went through to teach us things about ourselves and about Him.
My definition of happiness is broad but specifically, I am happy when those I love are happy, healthy, and loving life!

Day 29- What you live for.

I live for Christ first and foremost, After that I live to be a wife, mom, friend, teacher, mentor, servant, daughter, sister, and a fanatically obsessed scrapbooker/crafter.

Day 30- Ways you believe you have grown over the past thirty days.

I think its been enlightening especially when you have to think about what you want to write that is interesting enough for others to read.

Sep 29, 2010

Scout Mania

Last night, I had to attend a Den leaders meeting. It lasted 3 hours! I know right? It wasn't too bad except for the hard chairs that were killing my back by the end of it.
I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Its not really a bad feeling, its just I am a bit of a perfectionist and I want to get it right. I didn't realize that there was so much stuff to remember and keep track of! I like the challenge of it though. Its going to be fun to spend time with the fam and get to know other families too. The BIG event that is coming up is Jamboree. There are already close to 10,000 people signed up. Our pack is going to get a 50x100 ft. space to set up tents for about 70 people. I KNOW!!! that tight quarters, huh? We are all going to get to know each other in a much better way! LOL : O
I had so much info swirling around in my head that I fell asleep and woke up thinking about Jamboree!
There is another meeting on Thursday and I expect we will be overloaded again with more info. I have had to write stuff down just so I don't forget. Usually I can remember stuff but not in this situation!
I will definitely post pictures from Jamboree but meanwhile, I have another camping trip to get ready for. Caravan campout is this weekend! I love my church kids, so this will be FUN!

on another note: Granty boy has his first loose tooth!!!! I don't know who is more excited about it, him or me?!?! I just don't want him to lose it at school! I love these milestones!
Have a Great Wednesday!
p.s. I lost 2 lbs at WW last night......yay!

Sep 27, 2010

~on the menu here~

I am a total slacker when it comes to dinner menu planning BUT today before I hit the store I made up my menu for the week! I'm excited that my family will be eating IN all week except for Wednesday b/c they serve meals there. Soooo without any further ado'.......

Mini-penne with Sweet Sausage & three cheese sauce
garlic bread

Crockpot Chicken Fettuccine

Church night
(I'm also making some Broccoli Cheese Soup for lunch the rest of the week!)

Signature recipe Meatloaf
garlic and premising roasted red potatoes

Caravan Camput starts at 5pm so we will eat at the Campsite

Chili Lime Chicken Fajitas
fajita fixins'

Sep 26, 2010


Wow! what an unbelievable experience! One I will never forget! I woke up this morning feeling like I had been in a car accident! Not to make light of accidents but that is how sore I am today! I'm glad I accomplished this especially at my age! I know, I'm not THAT old but still I'm not like...21 anymore!
Here is some pictures....I haven't been able to access the ones that the Event people take but as soon as I can, and if they are decent, I will post 'em!
this is OBF a.k.a Sergeant Davis!
 trying to set a good example for my baby!
my mom came back from MD to see me finish!

my little family!

Humanity! The power that people posses when they come together for the good of humanity is amazing!
I experienced this kind of humanity at the Women's Half Marathon yesterday! I saw how people cheered on complete strangers and gave encouragement to those who were struggling to make it through. I did my own encouraging. I cheered on other women I didn't even know either. Isn't that what God wants from us? He wants us to be witnesses of Him to those we don't know. They see Him through us. This race had so many glimpses of God, it would take to long to name. But I assure you, there is still a portion of humanity that cares for others!!!

Sep 22, 2010

~and so it happened~

Is green the color of happy?
why yes, I think it is!!!!

I am a very happy woman right now....exhausted from a long day BUT extremely Happy!!!!

Why? Because I got a J-O-B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am in awesome shock but not disbelief. I have been very faithful in this process and on my journey with this whole job situation. Its not a certified teaching position BUT its close enough for me!
I will be an Educational Assistant for students who need help with Math. I don't have a lot of details just yet but when I do, I will gladly share them with all my bloggy friends!!!

I just have to tell you though, the interview this morning was exactly 10 minutes long and the principal called me at 12:45pm and asked if I wanted the position! I almost started crying but I was in the middle of Aldi's and I didn't want people to think I was a whack job...not that I care but I was also wearing mascara b/c hence the interview and you know what big baby tears do to a girls mascara!!!

Anyway, its been a wonderful day of pure bliss and sharing my news with the people who have prayed and prayed for me! I am excited beyond belief!

I will keep you all posted about details, K?

~wordless Wednesday~

if you know me at all, I hardly wear make-up BUT recently I have had to 'put on a happy face'
ummm, the flashlight is not a makeup accesory, because of interviews...................................heading out the door for one @ 10am
wish me luck!
the boy put it there, thats a tell tale sign that I don't do makeup on a daily basis

Sep 21, 2010


That One Mom

Another round of Post It Note Tuesdays!!!!

 spellceck on stickies....

BFF not ff...derduhder

I won I won I won.....WOW!!!

I actually won something!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go HERE to see what it is!!!! Thanks a bunchy for those who voted for me and my BFF!

Sep 20, 2010

~a new me~

I would love to have follower #40!!!
( : Happy Monday ; )
no one was home this morning to take a picture of me in my new interview I had to take matters  the camera into my own hands....then I realized the camera is hiding the cute ruffles on the front of my shirt, oh well, like Mom says, "when you look, you feel good!"
***the interview was great! I wasn't too nervous, I just prayed my little prayer, asked God to give me the right words & be charismatic & charming! a decision will be made before weeks end!
p.s. ignore the fact that I'm not even looking at the camera! and oh yea, the muffin top that never wants to leave me. LOL!!! =O

Sep 19, 2010

~Glimpses of God~

I forgot to go in & change my Linky time so this is coming in late but please still participate, K?
a bug shout out to Cindy over at the Martha complex for mentioning me on her blog, you are awesome Cindy!

Anyhoo, my Glimpse of God this week really has nothing to do with me but its about my OBF. Why do I call her OBF? because she's my 'other best friend'. I kinda just coined the term for her & its sruck. Her real name is Stacie and not too long ago we were talking about how we didn't really know each that well when her family began to come to church. Her girls are so precious & delightful. If I never have any daughters, I have three between her an my bestie. Anyway, during our torturous run/walk tonight, she began to tell me about the things she needs to do to get her R.N. license. She is working towards a completion date of next spring. She was telling me that she has to do this one part of her classes to get to the clinical part of the program. She told me that the cost was a little over $700. She said when she went to get the mail later that day, she opened an envelope with a check for seven hundred and some odd dollars. We were both praising God for that one! it was really cool. The money had come from a reimbursement through her company because they pay so much for her to take these exams/classes. It was a bit funny because her and I were literally saying 'Praise God', "helleluah', 'God is so Good'. It was really neat to see how He blessed her in this time of need. She is going to be a great nurse!  So there you have it! it really pays to be faithful!

*the week ahead*

Well, as I am writing this, there is an ice pack on my knee. Why? I will tell you in just a bit but I wanted to give ya'll a glimpse into my week ahead.

Monday: tomorrow morning I have an interview!!! YAY! at 10:30am for an Educational Assistant position! I will let you know how it goes but I have learned that I never get my hopes up! it drains me emotionally. I HAVE to get to the store soon so I hope to get there tomorrow or my family might starve...ok not really but its possible.

Tuesday: I get to see my favorite beautician, Teresa! ya'll just don't know how blessed I am to have a great hair gal! she is superb, top notch, genuinely sweet and downright lovable. Her skill in hairstyling is phenomenal. I'm seriously thinking about going short, I mean REEEEEAAAALLLLY short.

Wednesday: I get to go see the ortho Dr. & not the one I have seen in the past. My other ortho Dr. left the practice & didn't even call me to tell me!!! How dare Him!!! so now I have to go see this 'other' Dr. who is probably not as cute & charming as Dr. Slusher but I'm only there to get a steroid shot in my knee for the big day on Saturday!

Thursday: I finally received the phone call from the Metro school board regarding Substitute Orientation and I go down to the Board for a 9-1 debriefing. I will probably hear a lot of stuff I already know but its a formality with these people. Then, another Dr. appt. but this time its for a re-check on my oveary. I had some sort of hemorrhagic cyst and she wants to see if it dissolved. Ugh, the joy!
Then, OBF & I are going to the WHM expo downtown for a couple hours!

Friday: a chill & relax kinda day. I might sub depending on how I feel.

Saturday: THE BIG DAY!!! wow! its so close! the Womens Half Marathon....yes, I'm skeered, yes, I know its going to be physically challenging, and yes I know I'm crazy but its more about proving to myself that I can do this. Plus, the goodie bag is going to be AWESOME! and the medal turns into a charm necklace! cool, huh? story & pictures to come!

hence, the knee is being iced b/c OBF & I completed 8 miles, we were aiming for 10 but my feet were burning & cramping & I desperately had to go potty & it was like almost 9:30pm.

thats all for now, hollah!

Sep 17, 2010

this is where I live....

Most of thrr time anyway....
maybe they will let you out to visit your friends this weekend!
~happy weekend~

Sep 15, 2010

I'm still here....

 I usually do a meme every day or every other day but I have been biiiizzzzzeeeeee!!!! I substituted on Monday & Tuesday, that will be a nice chunk of change at the end of the month. Today, I filled in for a lady at the Y which was nice b/c I got to know this other lady whom I haven't worked with before but I know her b/c she brings her daughter on Sat. mornings which is my regular shift. We talked a lot about school and jobs & teaching. It was really nice because I thought I would totally regret taking the hours. I am FINALLY going to do a yard sale this weekend so I have been busy getting things prepared and priced. I asked my brother to come & help me out on Sat. b/c I think I have to work Sat. morning. I say think b/c finding someone to work at the Y at 8am on a Saturday morning is nearly impossible.
Tonight is church nitght, tomorrow is Cub Scout night, Friday & Saturday is Yard sale, and Sunday is church. I want to squeeze in some "me" time but that may have to wait 'til Monday. Among all of this, I gotta find some time to keep training for the half marathon which is 10 days away! YIKES!!!! I'm skeeered!
OH! today the Metro school system called & set me up for Substitute Orientation next Thursday so that's good! Soon, I can start subbing for another district & maybe get my foot in the door with a school.
Okay, enough blabbing.....
just wanted you to know I'm still here!

Sep 14, 2010

~Bestie Photo Conteast~

I was so excited & amazed to find out that my entry made it into the Bestie Photo Contest over at the Friends You Love blog! So, if you get a chance, I would LUUUHHHVVVEEE it if you would go over there and vote for us! Thanks a Million, Trillion, Billion!

Sep 12, 2010

~Glimpses of God~

During my walks on the greenway, I listen to a Pastor named Doyle Surrat. He serves at a church in California called Seacoast Grace in Brea. His sermons are podcasted so I have a lot of these on my iPod. In one of his messages, he was talking about fashionable sin. Sin that we don't really think abiut as sin but seems to be socially acceptable. It got me to thinking about my own fashionable sin. I have been praying about this and I want God to show me the fashionable sin in my life. Its not always easy to be chastisaed by our Heavenly Father but he only does this because he loves us so much.
Hope you all have a blessed and wonderful week!

Sep 9, 2010

9 schools 18 jobs

So I just spent the last hour applying for 18 EA jobs for 9 different schools,. Evidently there is an Educationl Grant that has been passed for the nation or the state, not sure which so I have to investigate it further. Anyway, the grant money is being used to hire EA's for the next two years. I am hoping & praying to be called for an interview at any of these nine schools. I am hoping its my shoe-in to a FT teaching position. I told my BFF the other day that I need a JOB so I can put all of my stockpiled teacher stuff in a classroom instead of collecting dust in my basement! So, if you are reading this, please whisper a prayer to the Good Lord above & ask Him for his will to be done, whatever He decides for me in this situation. Thanks....[[[[hugs]]]]

Sep 8, 2010

•What do you consider necessary to get through the day? (items, routines, coffee, etc.)

coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee & more coffee............with a good healthy breakfast!

since I have the joy of only getting one child ready, our mornings are pretty simple. I get up, flip on the light in Poofy's room, pull back his covers and & rub his back a little. I pull out the school uniform, lay it on the floor & nudge him to get up & get dressed. I take the dog out after I go potty.....hey, humans are always first in my book! lol. Ask the boy what he wants for breakfast. He gets to watch one episode of 7am, its chore time. Feed the animals, make your bed, and get your shoes on. While he's doing this, I am preparing my breakfast, making coffee, and unloading the dishwasher. At 7:20am, we go out the front door where I tuck his shirt in, sit on the step & watch him walk to the bus stop three houses down. I wait 'til I see him get on & then I came back in. I finish my breakfast, slurp down the coffee and head for the shower. If I'm not subbing, I usually have a list in my head of things to do for the day. Today, my BFF helped me clean out some of my garbage garage....thanks HAM, you ROCK!

That's the routine here....simple, effective, & quick!

Sep 5, 2010

~Glimpses of God~

I have been trying my best to stay on top of my Bible reading plan. I have been doing the Essential 100 which covers specific books and chapters of the Bible beginning with the Old Testament and ending in the New Testament. I have been reading about the Israelites and their departure from Egypt. I was reading about all of the things God was doing to the Egyptians to convince them to release the Israelites. I began to think and really absorb the almighty power of God. He kept showing his glory and power to Pharaoh but he just wasn't going to submit and listen to what God was demanding him to do. I hope that God never has to  put me through plagues, diseases, and swarms of flies or overflowing frogs to get my attention. My favorite part about this story is that even after Pharaoh let the Israelites go, he still sent his army after them and God gave Moses the ability to part the Red Sea to remove them once & all from the controlling hands of the Egyptian king. Oh how I can't wait to sit at the feet of God and listen o him tell this story. Maybe He will have pictures to prove it! Isn't that funny to think about? So anyway, this week through the gift of God's word, I caught a small glimpse of God's power and ability to see us through our most difficult situations.

Now its your turn! Link up below! Hope everyone has a Blessed Sunday!

Sep 3, 2010

10 things to do on a Friday....

Last night when I got home from Bible Study, I decided to force myself into jotting down 10 things I must do before Friday comes to an end.....Here is what I came up with........and some pictures for entertainment purposes.....

1. Watch the boy walk to the bus stop.....

I tell him every morning to stay away from the busy street.....and every time he says "I KNOW!" like a 15 yr. old teenage boy....

2. clean the kitchen & do the dishes.......p.s. I am ashamed for what you are abiout to see is disraceful but at least I'm being 'authentic', right?

love my 70s style cabinetry? I don't!! I loathe it tremendously.....I want to be on one of theose HGTV home remodel shows where they come in & re-do a room in your house w/o cost to me....yep, that'd be alright with me!

I did some serious counter cleaning, there IS satisfaction in cleaning! lol

3. least 2, maybe 3 loads today

I loathe laundry just as much as I loathe my cabinets maybe even more! why you ask? because washer/dryer is in the basement which requires several trips up/down the stairs.....I should be a whole lot skinnier as much as I trapse those dumb stairs! I don't have an after pic here...but I have one more load to do as of now....

4. eat breakfast, I mean really, I can't do all this work on an empty stocach, right? on the menu

cream of wheat, english muffin, coffee

5. vacuum that dirty living room floor, but first I had to pick everything up and place it one the couch which seemed to make a mess but only for a moment

6. organize and dust entertainment center...a task I was not looking forward to but you will see soon what motivated me to do it anyway...

look at the top left corner...see the snowman stocking hanger....been there since last Christmas
finally figured it was time to take it down, dumb huh? considering Christmas is right oround the corner!


it looks so much better...whew! notice something a little 'fall-ish'?

remember this from last week?

I scraplifted this idea from this creative lady @ the Ticklish Moose
and this is how it turned out for lovely!

7. I haven't taken the time to go eat lunch with the boy @ school so I figured I would surprise him today by showing up and making him feel special. I only remember my pareents coming to eat lunch with me less than 5 times my whole time in elementary. Since I have the luxury of deciding my own schedule as a substitute teacher, it is a perk for me to do stuff like this for my boy. Isn't he the cutest 1st grader!?

8. when I returned home, the next thing on my list was to clean off the kitchen table...I don't know what it is about our table but it is inevitably the dumping ground for all our stuff. It's quitg ridiculous!

I didn't use the flash on purpose people...its shameful!

but now, it's C-L-E-A-N!
with the exception of Grant's chore chart *&  marble jars
we have to count out marbles tonight....

9. I have been wanting to clean out Grants closet since we finished his room back in the spring. I kinda got lazy & just shoved toys in there, ignoring how cluttered it was becoming. So when the boy got home from school, I made him get in there with me to figure out what he wants to keep & what he wants to give away. I bought a small canvas trunk to put in the bottom of the closet becuase the toy bin thing wasn't working for the space anymore.



10. this task was dubbed "go to the gym" but it didnt back is killing me today b/c the weather is changing (metal rods in back) & it happens every now & then. I am having a yard sale next weekend...yay....I hope to get rid of this tub-o-junk!

I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!
our plans include staying at home & chillaxin'
have some friends over & maybe do a little bit of crafting!