Aug 31, 2011

busy busy busy

I promise  will blog soon! I have been super busy with all kinds of stuff....too many to list!

Aug 17, 2011

We went to the County Fair......

The Wilson County Fair is AWESOME! Locals and Out of Towners love this Fair. It's one of the most family friendly fairs. We didn't make it last year but this year, we made it a point to go. In years past, the weather has not been so favorable but this past Monday, the weather was Perfect! no humidity and low temps! They boy was anxious to get to the Midway of course but we had to fill our tummies with good Fair food. The local vendors are the best. I have learned to pass on the regular Midway fair food vendors. Even the pictures plastered all over the building look gross! I actually found exactly what I wanted to eat......a ginormous baked potato with bbq pork on top! YummO! Grant went for the good old standby....chicken strips. Bill ate some chicken on a stick which was pretty decent.
Grant had a lot of fun. He rode one ride three times in a row! He loves the "fun" houses and of course this year he was actually tall enough to ride the bumper cars. I warned him that he would get frustrated b/c he could barely push the pedal down to drive it, let alone have the arm strength to turn the wheel. I let him learn his lesson and when he came bounding off the exit ramp, he says "that's so lame!". Toldyaso! We ended the evening with a Ferris wheel ride and the guys had sno-cones while Momma ate a chocolate frozen banana!
They boy slept 'til almost 6am the next morning and he went to bed reeeeaaaalllll early on Tuesday night! We had a blast!
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Aug 2, 2011

second day of [2nd grade]

I cannot/can believe that he's already in 2nd grade!
Oh my Sugars, where does the time go!?

pssst.....afternoon pictures work just as well as morning pictures!