Mar 24, 2011

1&2 Samuel

Thuis is the first year G-man participated in Bible quizzing. Granted I knew he would get so bored with it but I have told him, whatever he starts, he needs to finish. 1 & 2 Samuel is quite lengthy and not the most interesting but alas, he knows more about the Bible than I did at his age. I want him to hide God's word in his heart and if this helps, well then by all meeans we need to do it.
He didn't get a perfect score but he did his best considering there were 45 questions!

I love his posture here.....
can you tell he's slightly bored?

the "big" trophy!
I am very proud of him for sticking with it
Way to go Granty

Childrens Creative Discovery Museum

So after our trip into the deep dark plunder of Ruby Falls, we quickly heeaded over to the Creative Discovery Museum.  It was a pretty interesting place, one I had never been in before. A lot different from the Adventure Science Center we have here in Nashville. This place had lots of fun things for the kids to play with and lots of hands. on stuff. Music, art, clay modeling, theater/puppetry, on & on of all the stuff they had to keep kids b.u.s.y!

play the drum, mon!

He was the director

he totally cracked me up when he put the puppet on his hand
he started singing "Fandango" from the clips you see at the movies!
he's a hoot, I tell ya!

the boy loves to build
I can picture him to be an egineer of some sort
if it can be clicked, magnetized, or snapped together
he's there
(I love how the lighting turned out in this pic, too)

I tried my hadn at still life art
not so good
I will stick to scrapbooking

we sat & colored together
made our own pair of sartburst glasses
(yes, I look like a complete idiot!)

row, row, row your boat!

ah, yes young Jedi Master, the world is at your fingertips!

~Ruby Falls~

I have been meaning to sit down and play a little bit of catch up here on this blog of mine. I have been preoccupied with backing up some of my photo files b/c I wanted to free up some space for the pictures I will take the rest of the year.
We took a short trip down to Chattanooga mainly b/c G-man had his final Bibke Quizzing meet last Saturday. We headed down on Thursday and took our time. I had to drop the dogs off at my brother's which was conveniently on the way. We got to our hotel, took Grant down to the pool, ate a bite of dinner and then came back to chill.
Friday, I wanted to go to Ruby Falls. I have lived here in TN for a long time & had never visited.
You can read about Ruby Falls here It's rather interesting, the whole story. I thought it was pretty neat.
Here's some pics!

some caves are not formed with tall people in mind
even I had to duck my head a few times

the lights that are used make it more appealling of course
it was hard to get a great picture and this one was the best I could do

you can walk behind the waterfall but it's quite loud
and you REALLY have to duck your head
overall, it was pretty cool.
there were a few times where I got nauseous b/c
some of the spaces where the tour stops is tight
in my weird and bizarre way, I was a bit paranoid about some
natural disaster like an earthquake happening & my life
ending inside this cave, but alas, I'm, still kickin'
we had just enough time to hit up our next destinatnion.

Mar 20, 2011

~getting to know you~

I LOVE this meme & so happy to see it come back to life! Yay! : )

Getting to Know ME! (you)

1. if you won the title of Miss America, what would your platform be?
Most definitely EDUCATION! especially with a focus on reading!

2. outdoorsy or indoorsy?
I like both......if it's not too hot outside, I like being outside, but after a long day OUT, I love coming home and being inside!

3. pajama's out in public..classy or tres tacky?
during the day, I think it's pretty tacky but hey, I have been the mom at the grocery store at 2am  getting some medicine for a sick do what ya gotta do

4. what's your favorite room in your house?
my bedroom

5. nook, kindle, or book?
I like a real book but I think it's easier and quicker for me to read Kindle on my iPad

6. would you rather wear the same outfit for a week or not brush your teeth for a week?
def. not brush my teeth for a week.....breath mints can cover up halitosis but they won't do a thing for B.O.

7. what's your favorite blog at the moment?
Clover Lane, 320 Sycamore, Our Life...., C.R.A.F.T. and I should be Folding Laundry....oh I really like MannLands too : )

8. lately i've been daydreaming about.........?
straight teeth.I know, a bit coo-coo but I actually went to bed one night a few weeks ago and decided it's time to stop dreaming about having straighter teeth and DO something about it!
So, on Tuesday, I am scheduled to see an Orthodontist for an estimate and treatment plan.
~side note: when I was a young girl, I told my parents that I would give up sleeping on a bed for a whole year if they would get some braces put on my never happened~ that's how desperate I was to have a better smile & straighter teeth.

Mar 14, 2011

~spring break~

ahhhh......finally, a two week break......yep, that's how long my spring break is! The district I work for has a two week break in the fall & the spring! I love it! especcially since the boy & I are off together. His previous school in another district has to go to school tomorrow b/c of a snow day earlier this year. Not us.....we get to sleep in! yay :)

the plan for the next 14 days.......
* hang out with friends
* take a quick trip to Chattanooga for Children's quizzing
*visit grampa and play games
* do some cleaining/organize/de-clutter
*a little bit of crafting
*print off some pics to scrapbooking
*hit the gym or greenway a few times
* relax & have fun

I made a list of to-dos but I'm not going to pressure myself into getting it all done, after all I do deserve a break, right?

Mar 13, 2011

straight from my heart

He's cute, huh?
I love him so very much
I want him to be a man of God
I want so much for him
and yet I feel like I'm failing in some way
 His behavior is perplexing me
I think I'm doing the right things
but he continues this crazy inapporpriate behavior
I'm acutaally considering an appointment with
a child psychologist. someone who has more
knowledge about children's brains than I do
there has to be something out there that
can help him express himself emotionally without
nuclear melt downs
its getting old
he is going to be 7 soon
really, how old is too old to be having
it's beyond my understanding

I love him
He's all I got
I'm praying for God's wisdom

fur baby

call me crazy.......but I couldn't resist
while I', waiting on real baby, lol, I picked up this fur baby from one of my good friends Edie!

Introducing OdieBear
Our other dog D.O.G is still getting use to him
but she's tolerating him very well!
can you tell our family likes black dogs?!
He is being crate trained until I know he's fully house broken
D.O.G.gets free reign of the living room
heck, that's the only room she stays in
Oh, and the funny part....
our cat Fiona is deathly afraid of the puppy!
it's pretty funny!

my Cub is a Tiger

Blue & Gold Banquet
March 5, 2011

The hubs & I are Tiger Den Leaders
It is not for the faint of heart!
Here is a pic of 7 of the 9 boys in our Den
I love them but they wear me out!

Our boys have been busy earning Belt Loops and Electives and in order to
receive the Tiger badge, you have to complete 5 Achievements with
3 parts to each. All of our Tigers earned rank!

That's my boy at the end on the right! : )

Bobcat is a badge the boys earn before they begin on their other Achievements.
Tho boys had earned this very quickly!
This is Grant showing off his Tiger badge!

The Proud Dad & Mom