Aug 15, 2010


yep, thats what time it is right now. I got home from Girls Night Out about 10pm. It was lotso fun but I had some cooking/baking to do for tomorrows family dinner. When I got home, the kitchen was a mess from the hubs' dinner preparation and stuff was everywhere....can you say aNNoYeD!!! so I had to get things cleaned up so I could make a bigger mess. I had three recipes I had in mind. The first is like a Mexican chicken nacho type thing. I have it in the crockpot now, it smeells really awesome. Then I made a Hungry Girl creamy macaroni salad. It looks pretty good. My mom helped me a lot in making this b/c she chopped the celery, red pepper & egg whites. Thanks MOM! Then b/c I am a follower of the Cuppy Cake Life, I have been dying to try the Pina Colada cupcakes. They smell divine at the moment. I am going to make the frosting in the morning. Cant Wait to dig my teeth into one of those babies!!!
I have to get to bed b/c in just a few short hours I will be up, icing the cupcakes, unloading stuff  outta my van to make room for food, and running to church to drop off a Childrens Church lesson. WHEW! its going to be worth it just to be able to spend some time with my extended family.....
OH! my new MEME has premiered already so join up, K!!! Thanks!

p.s. hopefully I did the "Linky" thing right?!

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