Aug 13, 2010

Follow Me Chickadee Friday

I sure do love me some Friday Follows! I have a pretty good weekend planned. In just a bit I'm going to my church for our bi-weekly Scrapbooking night!!! Don't know what I'm gonna be working on but we will see what pops out of my creative brains as the night goes on. Tomorrow, I will hopefully get to sleep until about 8, then we have a birthday party at 2pm. Sat. night is  GILRS NIGHT OUT!!! YAY! just a few of us are going to meet for dinner and a movie! Then Sunday, my family on my dads side are getting together for a good ole' dinner and a catch up with my Uncle Fred who lives in Singapore. He comes home at the end of summer to see all of us and especially to be with my ailing grandmother. His daughters, My Cuz'z, I have watched grow up and now they are both in college! Cant wait to see everyone, hope to share some pics from this!

OK, ya'll Have a Blessed Weekend!

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