Dec 17, 2008

my not so "perfect" angel....

This is my "not so perfect" angel, Grant. I say this because during our Children's Christmas program at church this past Sunday, my child almost became a "fallen" angel. You see, he was placed near another angel that he adores (a girl angel, named Emma) and during the program he stepped in between her and another angel ( a boy) and that other angel (his name will go unmentioned) was hitting Grant with his wings and pushing him. Well of course this distracted Grant from the whole program and he was more concerened about protecting himself and his "girl". The whole scene was a bit funny but slightly embarassing. Oh well, maybe next year he will keep to his own "angelic" business and stay in one place long enough to finish the songs in the program. He's too cute in his costume anyway, right?

Oct 25, 2008

my most prized possession

I am reminded today that I have a precious gift from God whose personality and charisma captures my heart each day. This picture was taken at Gentry's Farm where we had a "date". It was just me and my boy. and a couple of friends. Man, I love the stuffin' out of him.

Oct 15, 2008

perpetually exhausted....

I think I could sleep for days if my life would allow it. I am so tired and yet there is a mounting pile of work to accomplish. I hate that I have to neglect my family in order to focus on school and the endless assignments which are supoosed to prove that I can teach. It's very overwhelming but I just keep telling myself that it won't be like this forever and I hope that one day I can come home, cook dinner, do a little bit of home maintenance and then just sit and enjoy my evening. For now, I will stay perpetually exhauseted.....until next time. ~ard~
p.s. I miss you h.A.m. and scrapbooking!!!

Oct 9, 2008

HIS mysterious ways....

Okay, so I am in the process of working and completing my Electronic Portfolio which is due to be submitted on Oct. 29th. I have no words to describe the enormous task of making sure that all is "perfect" in this portfolio. Unlike the "olden" days when a portfolio was put together in a notebook featuring all the hard work you had ever done....thanks to the ever increasing, ever complex world of's ALL electronic. And to add to that are the TEN INTASC Principles that we should know backwards and forwards. These are also applied to every document I have ever created and placed in the portfolio. N E WAY....on to the coolest part of this story. I have been looking for this flash drive that holds a few important things I have done in various classes that I have taken and well.......I lost it, mmmmmm, really misplaced it. Well, today my hubbs helped me search the whole house. We tore through everything we could think of. Earlier this evening, I was back to looking again and I just kept praying "God, please help me find this, it's so important. Please just give me some sort of sign or something!" So I kept having this thought go over and over and over in my head "GO TO THE BOX!" Well, okay, so there's this box downstairs near the washing machine and it has a bunch of junk that I have cleaned out of my car over the past few months and put there to sort through later. So, I tear through it, tossing stuff that was trash, NOTHING! (except Grant's lost spiderman gloves) lol. But then something told me to look on the floor where the box had been b/c the box wasn't fully taped on the bottom and anything could have fell out. GUESS WHAT!!!! I found it! The flash drive that was so important for me to find, God helped me. WOW! GOD IS AWESOME!!! He does care about the little things in your life, not just the big things. TYJ!!! Can I get a witness?

Oct 8, 2008

so excited!!!

I thought I would blog a little before I go and meet my carpool buddy and drive to school. Yesterday, I found out where my placements were for student teaching!!! I will be at Lakeview Elementary in a 1st grade class and then I will be in a 4th grade class at Mt. Juliet Elementary. I am so overwhelmed with excitement because these are the two placements I requested. God works in mysterious ways....He answered my prayers.....TYJ! So, this weekend starts a fall break and Bill is taking Grant camping with the Caravan kids from church. Meanwhile, Iwill be hard at work getting my e-portfolio done....whew! that's a full time job within itself. Hopefully I can get that finished so I can concentratee on other things. Well, until next time....ard

Oct 5, 2008

My first......

Podcast Commercial

yea, yea, go ahead and make fun of me after you listen to it....but Bill is the funny one.
He's never as funny at home as he is when we are with friends and family. Just ask Heather....
here's the link

BTW: This was a required assignment for my Technology class. Thanks Dr. K.!!!