Jul 25, 2009

#32 Reflection

Well, Thursday was my birthday, no big deal really, just another year.... time just keeps ticking. It seems that the older you get, the faster the time flies. It's funny how when your a kid, especially a little girl, you think about how your life will unfold in a particular order and really it never seems to turn out the way your illusions led you to believe. I really thought that I would have completed college by the time I was 23 and then get married, and then have at least two kids by thirty. So NOT how its happened. But I guess God knows what he's doing. Speaking of which, I really am trying to stay faithful with this whole job search. It's very difficutt to not worry, fret and be anxious about. It's just that I want to know what my future holds at least for the next two months. It is an aspiration/dream to teach and I really want to be a teacher in Wilson Co. I have had some inner struggles with my self esteem and self confidence lately. I have never been the type to "toot my own horn" so its really hard for me to present myself in a way that makes my ability to be a teacher appealing to principals. It would be lovely if a principal just looked at my resume and only asked a few questions and then instanly hired me. There goes my grand illusions again! The whole job thing really scares me and excites me all at the same time. I don't know, I hate to sound like I am rambling on and on about the job thing, it's just at the forefront of my mind. On another note, my boy will be going to Kindergarten. I pray he is ready for all the things he will be doing and learning. I don't doubt he will adapt quickly, I just hope he is a good student in every sense of the word. We should be hearing something from the school about an Open House or something similar where he can go and meet the teacher and we can get a better grasp of what his day will be like. I have fretted over the idea of revealing my profession as a teacher to his teacher b/c I don't want it to sound like I know it all or could easily cricize things. However, it is an aadvantage because I will know the right things to ask and the things to look for as far as Grant's ability to comprehend and learn what he's supposed to be learnign if that makes any sense.
So as as one more birthday passes, I feel as though the plans I want to make for the next few months are up in the air until I get a job or not. Maybe thats why just a few weeks ago, I was in a real funk about thingss and life was weighing me down. I just say a little prayer each night asking God to help me stay positive and faithful. I try to remember and say Jeremiah 29:11 and the Serenity prayer. I guess I will end here. Just wanted to reflect a little. TFR

Jul 12, 2009

~the big 5~

So the boy is finally five years old. He thinks he's a big shot now. It took more than a few times to explain to him that his birthday party was going to take place before his actual birthday and so when the official day came, he was beside himself. I told him he could do ANYTHING he wanted on his birthday and it didn't take him much time to decide that he wanted to eat @ IHOP for breakfast and then he wanted to go swimming. Grammy came into town for a quick trip so we all went to the big Y pool. We came home and got ready to meet church friends at the park.
The Transformer cake was created solely by my BFF, Heather. She totally rocks! It turned out so good and it was very delicious. I used the toy Transformers from his collection of Happy Meal memorabilia. I have the hardest time comprehending where the time has gone. It's just insane to think that it wasn't so long ago that he was an infant, chubby and cute. Now, he's getting taller and leaner and of couse, telling it like it is when things aren't going his way. I love him so much and I pray that he grows up to be a kind, compassionate, and respectful young man. Simply put, he's my one and only
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Lake Winnie on the 4th of July

The 3 of us + Grammy took a weekend trip to Chattanooga and Lake Winnie is right outside there in a town called Rossville, GA. When I was about 9 or 19, my Aunt took a bunch of us kids to Lake Winnepesaukah and I have great memories of that day. So, this year, I wanted to take Grant there and it was just as I had imagined. It's a small family owned, old style amusement park and it is perfect for families with young kids. Grant talked me into riding the "Pipeline Plunge" which is a water ride. Silly me thought I couldn't get too wet, but from the picture, you can tell that I was freakin' out b/c my shorts were totally soaked. I bought the foam Statue of Liberty visor for Grant to wear but I ended up wearing it for a little bit. People probably thought I looked a little silly but for me, it was about re-connecting with my childhood. I got a good quadricep workout when we did the Paddleboats. The boy's legs weren't long enough of course so I was the one doing all the work. We had so much fun, I think we might make this a DeFelice summer traadition. The day wasn't complete until I bought a frozen banana as we departed the park......aaaahhhh, what a great day!!!
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