Sep 25, 2012


I haven't blogged in awhile. I certainly haven't been using my fancy pants camera either. I don't think I've picked it up since May. I guess I can attribute that to the circumstances of the pst few months.
I am still job hunting, DAILY! I pray fervently for God to open up a different opportunity for me meanwhile, I do what I can to make a difference in a few students. One student that I am so concerned about was in my RTI group last yeaar. This year he's in 5th grade and I can bet hewas already failing the 3rd week.I can't for the life of me figure out his issues. He's very disorgancized and I offered to tutou him for $10/hour. That's dirt cheap but his mom has yet to call me back to schedule anything. As concerned as I am about him, I won't be chasing parents down to tutor their kids. The saddest thing of all is that there has to be proof that he's failing in order to receive SpEd. I think that's crazy but I'm not the rule maker. He doesn't have a clue what he's supposed to be doing. He is in survival mode. I pray for him and hope that the school psychologist will be able to get some answers. I'm just mad as heck that it has tken 9 weeks to figure out he's not prerforming at grade level. I for one as a parent can't imaging having a child who is in this situation and not wanting to do something quicky and fervently to get the help my child needs. This is the part of being a teacher that truly frustrates me. The responsibility of parents to ensure that theri children get a decent education has been overshadowed by coddling them and their kids that they are just too precious to push higher expectations on. Even if I wasn't a teacher, I would still be very involved in Grant's school work. I am so blessed ad thankful that he is one smart kid and school isn't a big frustration for him. I know we aren't perfect parents but surely we should all agree that we can help our kids be succesful no matter what extent we have to go to. Okay, I'll get off my soapnox!

In other news, I am spoiling myself in a few days and going to CA.! I have to keep it on the DL so Grant doesn't find out or he'd have a hissy fit. Not I only do I need some time to myself but I deserve it with all the crap I've been through. But first, I have to do Craft Camp and I just can't wait! I love this idea and I love that I get to do this with one of my bestest friends in the whole world.
Speaking of bf's, she is having a baby soon and I decided why not "try" to make a blanket for the budnle of sweetness! I started and finished my first quilt top and now I have to baste it and bind it. Almost sounds like I'm cooking something. I can't wait for the finished product. I think I have found a new form of therapy. Quitls!
When I get back from CA, I've got a list of "to-do's"for fall break including some time fro fun. I can't believe how quickly fall has come and right around the corner is Christmas.
Well, that's it for now I suppose.

Sep 8, 2012


Bill took Grant off to Bible Quizzing this morning. This opened up a window for me to clean my little heart out around this place. Every time I think my house is a complete disaster, I make myself feel better by watching an episode of Hoarders. Now crazy!
My house is cluttered, I know this but there are 3 adults and 1 child living in this 1200+sq. feet house. I can't tell you how many times I have cleaned Grant's room while he's "out" and today was no different. The kid could probably win an award for the most Lego pieces owned by an 8 year old. Legos and I have a love/hate relationship. Yes, they keep him busy but he leaves them everywhere. I try not to fuss too much, unless I step on one and then I'm perturbed. I spent about two hours trashing, cleaning, and re-organizing. I took out a utility table that I was hoping he would use as a desk but ended up being a catch all for all the Legos. It looks really good now, but it won't stay that way forever. While I was working away, I had this grand idea. I started making a list of all the activities Grant could do whenI hear those two annoying words...."I'm Bored". I made this list and as of now,there's about 14 things on it for him to choose from. Cool huh?!
I have been catching up on all the laundry, my mom swept and mopped the floors and vacuumed. I took things up and down the stairs to the basement. Found homes for all the staples we bought at Sam's Club last weekend. Stripped the beds and changed the kitty box. I'm still not done but I had to sit down for a bit because my bones are hurting.
I think Bill took Grant to the TN Vols game. It wasn't that big of a match up so tickets are probably pretty reasonable. Grant has never been to a game so I know he'll be excited.
Tomorrow is church and then I will probably come home and do nothing!! This week at school will be a bit different. I have to go to a workshop type thing on Monday and Tuesday is Parent/Teacher conferences. I have a few appointments on this day so that's nice I have one day to get that done. I will be pretty busy the rest of the week so I'm looking forward to a shorter one.
Well, that's all for now.....c-ya on the flip side!

Sep 4, 2012

nothing about nothing

I just finished mowin the backyard and I am thoroughly disgusted with the landscaping around my fence. I just hate all those weeds, vines and kudzu! I want to be one of those people at Lowe's on a Saturday morning and have that yard crashers guy ask me if I need a backyard makeover! Yes Please!!!!
I am beginning to wonder how much it would cost to get all that killed, removed, whatever it takes. Ever heard of kidzu? I neve knew what all that stuff was until I was watching a show that discussed weeds. I figured out tht tthis is exactly what I have in my backyard and it grwos like a monter. When we first moved into this house, the tree in the back corner was tiny. Now it has grown about 50 ft. high and the trunk of it has grown into thechain link fence. Also, my the neighbor has some sort of vine that is choking out the tree limbs on the tree. It's disastrous and I hate it! I wish I could do it all myself but I know it would just frustrate me and it wold be totally worth it for someone else to do it and removeall that garbage.
oh well, just cmplaining about nothing.....I guess!