Aug 16, 2010

Mommy Confession Mondays

*I let Grant watch too much t.v. this summer. I gotta get back on the 30 mun/day thing again.
* I had another dream about a baby last night----yes I want one------no I don't have one....yet.
*I want to get rid of the guinea pigs we 'adopted'.....they are smelly and messy....ugh
*I secretly hope the boy doesn't gorw up to be gay.....don't know if I could take it
*I want desperately to go back to school to get my M.Ed in Reading...checked out some online universities....way expensive! its either a M.Ed degree or a boob job! which one should I choose?
*my mom is leaving for a couple of weeks, now I have to start doing my chores again....darn it!
*my mom is leaving for two weeks and now I have to start being a responsible parent! LOL
*I DID NOT eat too much suger & carbs yesterday......ok, so maybe I did.....ugh!
*for the first time tomorrow I am going to use a no weigh in pass at WW, due to the exorbatent amount of crap I ate all weekend long!!!
I guess thats all I have to confess for now! thanks Adrienne for the MCM!


  1. I have been letting the kids go crazy with video games. I'm so inconsistent. UGH! I have also had an inch to get back to the books! Thank for linking up. :)

  2. I weigh in on Wednesdays (thankfully at home alone - online WW). I was -2 points for the week on Sunday evening. I was really good today and I'll starve myself tomorrow if I have to so I can say I've lost at least one pound this week.

    What a fun game we play!

  3. Grant??? Gay??? I was already planning a wedding over here!!! jeez.
    Grant is the shizzy! :)
    30 min a day, girl, that's hard at my house.
    Confession: I love B, B, and B guys! HA!:)