Apr 29, 2012

{Craft Camp}

What a fabulous day! The idea that we dreamed about back in February finally came to fruition! Heather did a lot of the grunt work and I am so thankful that she's a SAHM and has those privileges! Together we wanted to create an experience and and an atmosphere where crafting meets meaningful. We are all trying to watch our bottom dollar and we knew we could come up with crafts that even if one craftier might no keep for themselves, they could give it as a gift that came from loving hands! I love getting homemade things for gifts, it means that someone thought of me and that goes a long way. We dreamed big and we had 14 fabulous crafters! We wanted them to come and relax and let us guide them through the various projects.
The craft I loved the most was the scrabble tile necklaces! It was super fun and the girls created so many cool tiles! They inspired me in so many ways! Speaking of inspiration, Heather and I decided we are going to do a Craft Camp Jr. in June. We are workign on some great crafts that kids can make that will be an expression of their creativity. We are hoping for a full house and I think the kiddos will enjoy it!

Finall, I want to say.....
Thanks Heather for being my crafty sidekick!
You're the Best!
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Apr 20, 2012

Ms. Flexibility

...yep, that's me, Ms. Flexibility. I have filled in, covered, subbed, bridged the gap a lot this week at school. I hope someone notices?! it's all about Team work right?
I made a decision NOT to enroll in classes for my M.Ed. I had an overwhelming panic last weekend and my intuition said "not now" and so fort the first time in my life, I dropped out :)
Maybe in a couple of years when my life isn't filled with so much stress and pressure from outside influences.
I have already sworn to myself that I am going out of town the weekend before my birthday. I am going to go spend my middle age birthday in peace and quiet and no one better call me for anything!
This weekend is Cub/Family at Boxwell and the boys are there now. I will join them in the morning and spend some time out there. I am in no mood to camp,, especially since it's supposed to rain thru the night. Speaking of, I gave my notice that I will not be returning as a Den leader next year. It's not fun for me anymore and it has begun to negatively impact my relationship with my son. I need to take the back burner and just be a supporter
 I just want to go back to basics with all facets of my life. I miss the simplicity of things. I pray to God that he will give me the wisdom to get back into a place where I have peace. One day I might reveal it all here in this forum but for now, things in life are pretty tough. Being faithful, obedient, forgiving, compassionate, patient, etc. has a been a real challenge the past six months.
*stay tuned

Apr 11, 2012

busy as a bee

I am worn out! Summer: Please come soon! I need lots of sun and Vitamin D! I had a Dr's appointment Monday to see an Orthopaedist for my six month long hip pain. Both hips have been hurting and I have been in physical therapy since January. The doc diagnosed me tih bursitis and I was so happy that it wasn't anything more serious. I got a shot of cortisone in both hips and I yelped for my mommy! It hurt but not in comparison to my hip pain. Today I have felt a big difference and I am so glad I went. The only downside is that I can't exercise for awhile until the bursitis calms down.
My dad finally got to go home on Tuesday. He had been in the hospital for four weeks and rehab for two weeks. It was nice to see him greet all his friends and get settled back in to his apartment.
I had a fabulous haircut from my favorite beautician and dinner with family was great on Tuesday night
Today was a half day of school for the kid so he went home with Grammy while I stayed at school and worked on some stuff.
I had to go to Trevecca this afternoon and take the MAT as a requirement for Graduate school. The passing score is 378 and I got a 373. Oh well, not too bad going into it not knowing what to expect and didn't study a lick for it. I gave up stressing out about tests like this. It does no good and it doesn't make a difference to me whether I pass or fail. I just don't put much weight in the test anymore. I know I am smart and I don't say that in a conceited way, I just know that I'm smarter than the average bear...LOL:D
I am looking forward to a long break but I also have lots on my own to do list. I am still on the hunt for a teaching job and have a couple fo ladies at church looking over my resume and offering suggestinss on how I can improve it.
Stay tuned!

Apr 4, 2012

5001 and an update

So my page view number says 5001 people have read or visited my blog....but no one ever comments so I'm thinking it's just a bunch of Spam visitors. Anyway, I wish I had more time to blog and post awesome pictures but if you walked a day in my shoes, you would totally understand.
School is almost over...ahhh, that sounds good! I love summer, I mean I really love summer....I love being off of work, having no plan or scheduler or routine, just doing whatever the day brings. I think we aer going to skip out on Nashville Shores passes this year and stick to the Big Y. It's exhausting walking around a water park all day and they don't let you bring your own food in. At least at the Y, there 's a place you can take your cooler and have a picnic lunch. I like going to the Y pool right when it open  or a few hours before it closes. You can avoid the day campers that way.
I have been feverishly looking for other teaching jobs. I get this feeling maybe an intuition that my time at the present school is finished. I can't say for sure but God has it all worked out anyway.
I applied for five positions in another school district and have e-mailed a couple of other principals. It's always been a wait & see game anyway.
I have several things going on next week. I have an orthopaedic appt. on Monday to get a second opinion on my hip pain. This has been a very frustrating problem for me because it affects my ability to get things done swiftly. I used to be able to walk and walk and go up and down stairs repeatedly with no pain but now it's a different story. Something has to give, I hope the Dr. can really pinpoint the problem and help me get some relief.
My dad is still in a rehab hospital but he supposedly gets released on Tuesday which so happens to be the most inconvenient day as far as my schedule is concerned. I have a hair appt and I WILL not cancel b/c it takes too long to reschedule. I also have another appt at six with my most favorite psychologist. Yes, I am in therapy...if you walked a day in my shoes, you would totally understand! I am not ashamed to even say that b/c believe me if I didn't have that, I might end up being seriously loco.
I'm in the process of applying for Graduate school. Yes, I am a sucker for education. I love learning new stuff. I will keep you posted on this. We'll see....
I gotta get off here, I have a PT appt and hopefully I am going to swing by Kmart & look to see if they have some urns like the ones I got last year.