Aug 31, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, my brother a.ka. Uncle P, went out of town to visit a friend & he asked us to watch his dog, Daisy. Of course, the G man was totally excited about having a dog for one whole week. Daisy is a good dog, old but good. She has a had eye but that's what happens when your like 63 in human years. We took Daisy for a walk on the Stones River green way. Grant loved holding the leash & being "in charge" of a dog. I figure he enjoys being the boss of something since his parents are the boss of him. =D

First day of Kindergarten

August 14, 2009 was the first day of school even though it was just a half day. Grant has been so excited about starting school. I tried to prepare him for many things so he wouldn't be too intimidated by the changes. He went to school another half day on Monday the 17th, and then full days starting on Tuesday. I was really strong up until the point that I left him sitting there on Monday as he sat down to color while the teacher was busy greeting parents. Bill chuckled at my tears and later asked why I started to choke up and cry. My reasons were a) he is my only child and going to "big" kid school is a BIG deal, b) in just a few short years (!3 to be exact) he will be a Senior in high school!, and c) I am a MOM, and mom's are sentimental, it's just hard to be strong at times.
But, he absolutely positively LOVES school. He really like his teacher and is learning so much stuff. He is all into spelling various words and counting over and over. It's a bit annoying at times, but I try really hard to humor him when he gets into these spelling and counting moods. Last week, I inadvertantly left my keys in Bill's car and we were tardy for school. He was sitting on the couch and moaned "Mom, I really want to go to school!" I told him we were going, we wre just going to be a little late. A close friend came to our rescue and he was only 8 minutes tardy. Now, I make sure I have keys on the table before I go to bed at night. It's been challenging to stick to a bedtime routine but we have done pretty well considering church on Wed. & Sun. He's so handsome in his dress code clothes....I can't wait to scrapbook this photo.

Aug 23, 2009

A couple of Things

When there's something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call?
The crazy life of raising a boy. He desperately wanted me to put this "beaty" mask on b/c he wanted to look like a ghost. I told him that it when it dried it would start to get tight on his skin. So, of course it didn't last long. He loved watching Ghostbusters on television a few weeks ago and had the theme song memorized in a matter of days. I think he will turn out like Bill in that whole "remembering useless information" category. N E way, just wanted to share a few things.


We had some friends over for some delicious food and serious game playing! The kids wanted to sit outside under the canopy to eat and my BF captured this precious moment when the kids were getting ready to pray over their food. You can tell that Grant is quite the ladies man with 3 girls to sit with. So adorable! I don't know what life would be like without our friends. Each of our close friends mean so much to us and I pray that our kids will grow up to be friends for a lifetime as well. I love having all the kids over and listening to them play and imagine and laugh. It's true, life IS sweeter with good friends to share it with!!! X D

Aug 15, 2009

Kindergarden Open House

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So the antcipation for Kindergaarden Open House has been building all week and we finally attended it on Thursday 08*13. G-man was very excited, he jumped out of the van door before I could even get out. We signed up for PTO which seems like they have a lot of fun things planned for the school year. Daddy bought Grant a polo shirt with the school's name and mascot on it. The shirt was a lifesaver b/c on the way to the school, he spilled sticky stuff from a previously opened thing of candy on the clean shirt I had JUST put on him before we left the house.arrrggghhh, BOYS!!! I didn't freak too much, it was only a small amount but still.......Anyway, we all gathered in the cafeteria to listen to the Principal give her "schpill". Seems like she is nice and supportive. When we were in the cafeteria waiting, Grant saw a boy who was in his Pre-K class @ LPA, but he wasn't in his class. Then, there's a little girl who goes to church with us and she is in Grant's class. I think that built his confidence a liitle.

He was overjoyed to see a SpongeBob book in the Reading Ctr. which had an obvious impact on his opinion of school. Each student has their own locker for their backpack and how ironic that his locker "neighbor" is named Emma. He got tremendoulsy excited thinking it was his BFF from church but realized quickly there is more than just one girl named Emma in the world, LOL. All of the Kindergarden teachers went with the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom theme and I think Mrs. Gillespie's bulletine board was the best. SHe had a 3D tree hanging up on the board and a blow up palm tree with alphabet letters attached. SO Cute! Ok, so I have written enough. Thanks for Reading!

Aug 11, 2009

The CUTEST kids in the whole world

Oh, to be a child and never know how much fun parents have trying to get their kids to perform and capturing it on video. Emm and Grant are the best of friends and they might just end up taking their talents on the road LOL :D These two videos seriously crack me up!!!

Aug 2, 2009

My favorite new Kitchen appliance

So, I got this Keurig coffee maker as a Graduation gift from my family on my Dad's side. It has been sitting in the box since the party. and my brother kept teasing me about how desperately I wanted one and then when I got one, it just sat on the floor un-opened. Well,I finally made a home for it on my countertop and tried her out for the first time yesterday. I like hot coffee in the winter and iced cofee in the summer so that probably played a part in the reluctance to break it out. I was craving some coffee, didn't want to run out to get any and didn't want to make a full pot, so this Keurig makes one perfect cup of joe. If you're not familiar with this type of coffee maker, it makes just one cup but the coffee comes in little containers that you just pop into the machine. There are a ton of flavors to choose from and you can also purchase flavored teas. Its so awesome. I think it will be so great when I get up in the mornings just to pop in a coffee "pod", and by the time I get out of the shower or finish getting ready for "Whatever", vwoilla, my coffe is ready!!! I love it! It's one of my new favorite things!!! TFR