May 30, 2009

May 9, 2009

I have meaning to sit down and get a picture of my college graduation posted.. It was a very special day and I tried really hard to soak up every moment. Standing in the midst of the other girls I had made this journey with, seeing my family, and reflecting on how hard I had worked to get to this point in my life made me want to cry. I teared up a little but I didn't want my mascara to run (such a girl is me). Anyway, it's a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and a true sense of pride that now I can acutally say "I have a degree in Education". Thanks to all my friends and family who supported me in prayers and words of encouragement. Most of all, I thank God, my Father who I relied on in my deepest hours of need and when life seemed unbearable with all the stressors that come with being a mom, wife, and student. It truly was by His grace that I made it through.

May 6, 2009

Pulling an "all nighter"

Well, here I sit slaving away at the computer, hopefully for the last time and for awhile. I am working on my online portfolio that will most likely not even be looked at but it's a graduation requirement. I don't know how seriously the "big wig" will take it but I guess it's best to have it done than not at all. Tomorrow after my exit interview, I will be coming back home and crashing for a few hours. Then, I can relax knowing that graduation is just a few days away. I am very excited but it all seems surreal. The only thing I can relate this experience to is the birth of a child. You carry something for so long, work hard at making it through every struggle, obstacle or challenge and then finally, the baby comes and it's so exciting yet scary too. That's sort of how I feel. I can only assume that some people don't take the idea of having a college education and a degree as seriously as I do but it really is a big deal to me. Especially now that I am older and can appreciate it more. Anyway, I will post later in the week and try to upload some pics. BTW, my little boy is "graduating" from PreK in June. I thought it might be cute if we got our pics made together in our caps and gowns....wouldn't that be too hilarious!!! : )