Oct 8, 2012


I guess I should post something before everyone thinks I've dropped off the planet....well I guess the handful of people who I know read about my boring life.
We start the 2nd week of Fall Break around here. I love the school system we are in for that reason alone....oh, and two weeks in the Spring! Love that whole modified year round thing-y!
Heather and I hosted our 2nd Craft Camp on the 29th, it was a blast! Go HERE and you can see her pics! I was a lame-o and didn't shoot anything. My photography skills are lacking! By the time we wrapped all of that up, I had to rush home and change my clothes and get to the airport for a 2:50pm flight to SoCal! That's short for Southern California....just an FYI :D
I told Grant man that I was going on s Scrapbook retreat and yes, I know we are not supposed to lie to our children but he wouldn't let me live it down if I told him where I was actually going! One of the perks of having family work for the airlines is that if there are any open seats in 1st Class, they put you there! I was really fortunate to get First Class to Dallas where I changed planes and then right as I got comfy in coach headed for LAX, the gate agent ushered me up front to First Class. I felt special, honored, relaxed! They served a yummy dinner and I had a little bit of wine to ease my rushed nerves. The weather in CA was hot but nothing like here in TN. I spent all day Sunday at Disneyland with Melody and Angela. That was wonderful, no agenda, no cares, it was fun just being there with them. We spent Monday in downtown L.A. at Doctor's appts. My "sister" Susan is having neck surgery in a couple of weeks and she had to get some pre-op stuff done. When we left the last Dr.'s office, we went to a place called The Grove. I've been there before, it's like an outdoor mall, very high end kinda stuff, a little bit awkward for this Nashville girl. We ate a late lunch at Cheesecake Factory, went thought a portion of the Farmer's Market (to die for Heather!) and then meandered over to Santa Monica Blvd to pick up cupcakes from a notorious place called SPRINKLES. Yes they were good but truly if I want a good homemade cupcake I go to this place! We headed on back to the house and chilled. We did some shopping and I got to indulge in In & Out burger which again, also a great hamburger joint. Wednesday was kind of a slow day and we ate dinner at a place called the Lazy Dog cafe which was yumm-o! I have to say compared to restaurants around here, CA has a million more choices than we could ever imagine! I had a red eye flight back to Nashville so when we finally got off the ground @ 11pm, I tried to sleep but really dozed in and out of conciseness, no First Class this time, but there was a seat between me and the other person so it was all good!
I landed in Nashville at 4:30am and I wasn't as tired as I thought I would be. I came home and crashed for a bit. There is a two hour difference and I feel it every time I come home. I know it sounds really crazy but each time I get on a plane, I feel so much closer to God and when I saw the sun set on the horizon above the clouds, it just makes me almost want to cry looking at the glory of God's handiwork. It's just amazing to me.
Well, this last week of break I'm working on finishing up a china hutch that I painted the wrong color, had to strip and now I'm at the sanding stage. I am also cleaning and pressure washing the deck to get ready for a stain. I will be pausing a few times for fun and Grant and I are on marathon of UNO games. He loves beating me!