Aug 15, 2009

Kindergarden Open House

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So the antcipation for Kindergaarden Open House has been building all week and we finally attended it on Thursday 08*13. G-man was very excited, he jumped out of the van door before I could even get out. We signed up for PTO which seems like they have a lot of fun things planned for the school year. Daddy bought Grant a polo shirt with the school's name and mascot on it. The shirt was a lifesaver b/c on the way to the school, he spilled sticky stuff from a previously opened thing of candy on the clean shirt I had JUST put on him before we left the house.arrrggghhh, BOYS!!! I didn't freak too much, it was only a small amount but still.......Anyway, we all gathered in the cafeteria to listen to the Principal give her "schpill". Seems like she is nice and supportive. When we were in the cafeteria waiting, Grant saw a boy who was in his Pre-K class @ LPA, but he wasn't in his class. Then, there's a little girl who goes to church with us and she is in Grant's class. I think that built his confidence a liitle.

He was overjoyed to see a SpongeBob book in the Reading Ctr. which had an obvious impact on his opinion of school. Each student has their own locker for their backpack and how ironic that his locker "neighbor" is named Emma. He got tremendoulsy excited thinking it was his BFF from church but realized quickly there is more than just one girl named Emma in the world, LOL. All of the Kindergarden teachers went with the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom theme and I think Mrs. Gillespie's bulletine board was the best. SHe had a 3D tree hanging up on the board and a blow up palm tree with alphabet letters attached. SO Cute! Ok, so I have written enough. Thanks for Reading!

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