Sep 30, 2009

[ our newest family member ]

I was waiting to introduce our new family member to make sure that she would be a permanent fixture in our household. She seemed to good to be true....fully housebroken, spayed, non-barking, loving, & kid friendly!!!Her probationary period is over so I guess she's staying. LOL!
Oh! and her name is D.O.G. pronounced "dee-oh-gee". Say it quickly & it sounds Chinese. A couple of funny things about her: she won't leave our living room b/c she slips on the hard wood floors, & she's not fond of the camera (notice that she looks sad) but I still took her picture. Grant loves her & I am trying to get him to take on some responsibility in caring for her. All in all, she's a good pup....we think we'll keep her!!!

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