Sep 20, 2009

***weekend re-cap***

So the weekend came & went just like that....Friday evening started out pretty normal, I had to work at the Y from 4-7pm. Gosh, I was so sleepy during those 3 hours, I thought I was being tortured. We were invited over to friends' house for a cookout & games, so after work I headed over there. Got lost, of course, even my GPS didn't know where I was supposed to go. Its very picky when it comes to the difference between a Court & a Lane. Anyway, I got there & finally got to eat & then we played two rounds of Taboo! GIRLS WON! Left there and was so relieved to go to bed, I was 'spent'. Saturday morning, I had to work AGAIN at the Y, this time 8-11am. BUT my bff called around 7-ish & told me it was time! she was going to the hospital to have her third kiddo. I came home after the Y and fed the boy lunch, then we headed over to Summit so I could get bff's consignment sale ticket & run to get her stuff. After that, the boy & I went to the church so I could TRY & get a few things done in my classroom. No such Luck! I was only there about 20 min. tops. So I came back home, thank goodness Bill was up & I told him I needed a "mommy moment". Oh & I forgot to mention, in between my taxi driving, I went to get the mail & guess what was waiting for me? My college diploma......BENT ALL to "bleep"!!! I was so ANGRY I started to cry. I called the USPS & made an official complaint. The post man/woman shoved the document in my mailbox with no regard to the fact that maybe it contained an important document. Its also partly TSU's fault b/c from what I understood, it was supposed to be sent certified mail & I was supposed to sign for it. I get that its just a piece of paper but I paid a lot of money & endured a lot of stress & worked really hard to earn that piece of paper & then I get it & its ruined!!! So we'll see what the USPS has to say about it, I hope they have enough sense to rectify the situation. N E way, I took a "mommy moment" & caught up on my show Army Wives. At this point, I was waiting to hear from HAM about her baby, she texted me while we were at Cracker Barrel eating dinner. So Xciting! We came home, and settled in for the night. Sunday's can go really, really well or really really bad at our house. Well, today it went really really bad mainly b/c of the boy's misbehavior & backtalking (disrespectfulness). So, I went to the extreme & took away television time for the rest of the week. I'm thinking this could be part of his problem. I am going to make it a point to monitor more closely his television time & I'm thinking about how I can cut his viewing time way down......later in the day, Bill & I went to see the new baby @ the hospital.....he's so tiny & cute!!! I'm so happy for her & her family.
Well, that it! thats the weekend....oh & I'm working on something else CRAFTY, I will post pics when I get it completed....I hope it turns out to be as cute as I imagined. TFR X-D

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  1. something crafty huh?? cant wait...
    try occupying the boys time with crafts. thats what E does. I go load up on that $1.oo stuff @ JOANNS. AND THEN WHO CARES IF THEY DO IT RIGHT OR WRONG. JUST LET EM' AT IT!