Dec 18, 2009

~fertility update~

Unfortunately I have to report that the IUI didn't work this month. I am quite disappointed and I tried to keep my emotions in check but it's hard. I don't really know what the plan is from here on out but I think we'll figure out with God's direction. Until we feel or hear from Him, I am going to keep focusing on my own health & wellness. I am also in deep prayer about getting a job. I REALLY am counting on a teaching position by fall. This in and of itself will keep me occupied for awhile. So just keep praying with me that somewhere down the line, God's plans are bigger & better than mine and His blessings will be insurmountable!!!


  1. You will continue to be in my lesson I have had to learn (more than once and usually the hard way) is that God's timing is not my timing. I often wish I understood His timing during the crisis/situation, but looking back I can always see His hand at work and realize that, once again, His timing to perfect!

  2. Best of luck is so hard to be patient!