Sep 28, 2009

*** bOOk rEvIEw***

So I FINALLY finished my summer book read. Gosh, that took fooorrreeevvveeerrr!!!! I think I started reading this book mid-July. The name of the book is BAREFOOT by Elin Hilderbrand. It was published in 2007 but she's a NYT bestseller so I figured it was probably going to be a good read. The story line is about three women who go to Nantucket Island for the summer. Two of the women are sisters & the other woman is one of the sister's best friends. Each of these women have their own issues but the main character Vicki is a young mother of two boys & was diagnosed with lung cancer. She escapes to the island to spend time away from her crazy life in New York & spend precious time with her kids, sister, and best friend. The only thing I didn't care for was some of the scattered curse words, it didn't add anything to the story. Anyway, I won't give away the ending in case someone out there wants to read it. The only thing I really got from this book was a deep desire to visit MA and the island of Nantucket. I think it would be so cool to rent a summer beach house in a quaint & historic town town & just chill out fro the summer. I give this book three out of five THUMBS UP!

P.S. I am working on getting pics of some recent things I am working on. Stay tumed!


  1. It's ok that it took you that long...It was a 'summer' read!! HA.
    awwww..u just paged me while I was typing this...thanks friend. :)

  2. Nice Blog! Well Done! Who is the good looking guy with you in that picture?