Nov 18, 2009


A sweet conversation that I had with my boy this morning!:

Me: I love you so much!
Grant: Why do you love me, Mom?
Me: Because I asked God to give me a baby & he sent me you & I carried you in my belly for a long time & that's why I love you.
Grant: When is God going to give us another baby?
Me: Well, I don't know, I have asked him for one but he hasn't given me an answer yet. If we have another baby, what do you think that will make you?
Grant: That will make me HAPPY!
Me: Okay, but what else will that make you?
Grant: Oh yeah, I'll be the brother & I will tuck her in for you so that you don't have to do it, okay?
Me: That will be great, I want you to help me protect her and love her.
Grant: Okay, I gotta go get something.
Me: my heart melted in my chest....he's so funny! and he's convinced the next one will be a girl!

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  1. You're back.....YAY! BTW - I loved the little conversation between you and Grant....soooooo sweet!