Sep 16, 2009


So, here is the diaper cake that I made for my BF's baby shower. Whenever I think about making something, especially for the first time which is the case for this project, I have to visualize it in my head. I had a good concept of what I wanted, so I set out to gather all the "ingredients". First I had to find some diapers, I wanted to get the smallest possible diapers so the mom to be can use them a.s.a.p. Then, I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up ribbon & flowers. I picked a gender neutral ribbon & then I decided to compliment the cake with a variety of colored daisies. I found some super cute "bling bling" stems to add extra cute-ness to it. All in all, it turned out really adorable. I also tucked 3 sleepers & 3 gowns as an added gift inside the cake. I hope I get the chance to make another one someday, it was really fun to create!!! TFR =D


  1. loved it! Really good idea with that sparkley stuff!! thanks again!