Sep 16, 2009

{ BoYs & baBieS }

I can never come up with the right words or describe the love I have for this kid. He's what I prayed for since I can remember, he is my present gift. I have to remind myself, especially lately, that God has given me the greatest blessing, & opportunity to make a difference in the world by allIowing me to be a mother. I am still grappling with the idea that he is in Kindergarten, and growing up way too quickly but then I think about the near future & all the fun stuff we have to look forward to. I want to be the Cub Scout mom, the home room mom, the "cool" mom whose house all his friends want to hang out at. I try to think of different ways we can make memories b/c I want him to remember his childhood as one that was healthy & happy. Parents always want their kids to have more or better than they did, right? Recently, the boy has been asking for a baby. Oh, if he only knew how much I wanted a baby!!! I tell him he can pray to Jesus for his baby & we'll see what happens. One of the sweetest things he has said is that when the baby goes to bed, he will tuck it in, tickle its arms, back, and legs & give it kiss goodnight. My heart just melted when he shared that with me. Oh, how I pray he will be a great big brother. Don't get too excited, I "ain't" pregnant, YET! I, or shall I say, We are doing our part, but the month to month waiting can be aggravating at times. When that day comes, LOOK OUT!, I think we will have one proud little boy walking around letting everyone know he's going to be the big brother. I look forward to multiplying our family....I'll keep ya posted!!!! TFR


  1. that picture is awwwwsooome!! LUV him, luv you, luuuv ur camera! Ha!

  2. You are right....he WILL make a great big brother! Praying that the Lord will bless you with another awesome little one....