Sep 8, 2010

•What do you consider necessary to get through the day? (items, routines, coffee, etc.)

coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee & more coffee............with a good healthy breakfast!

since I have the joy of only getting one child ready, our mornings are pretty simple. I get up, flip on the light in Poofy's room, pull back his covers and & rub his back a little. I pull out the school uniform, lay it on the floor & nudge him to get up & get dressed. I take the dog out after I go potty.....hey, humans are always first in my book! lol. Ask the boy what he wants for breakfast. He gets to watch one episode of 7am, its chore time. Feed the animals, make your bed, and get your shoes on. While he's doing this, I am preparing my breakfast, making coffee, and unloading the dishwasher. At 7:20am, we go out the front door where I tuck his shirt in, sit on the step & watch him walk to the bus stop three houses down. I wait 'til I see him get on & then I came back in. I finish my breakfast, slurp down the coffee and head for the shower. If I'm not subbing, I usually have a list in my head of things to do for the day. Today, my BFF helped me clean out some of my garbage garage....thanks HAM, you ROCK!

That's the routine here....simple, effective, & quick!

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  1. Wow, great minds think alike! Happy WMW! So glad to connect. God bless.