Sep 19, 2010

*the week ahead*

Well, as I am writing this, there is an ice pack on my knee. Why? I will tell you in just a bit but I wanted to give ya'll a glimpse into my week ahead.

Monday: tomorrow morning I have an interview!!! YAY! at 10:30am for an Educational Assistant position! I will let you know how it goes but I have learned that I never get my hopes up! it drains me emotionally. I HAVE to get to the store soon so I hope to get there tomorrow or my family might starve...ok not really but its possible.

Tuesday: I get to see my favorite beautician, Teresa! ya'll just don't know how blessed I am to have a great hair gal! she is superb, top notch, genuinely sweet and downright lovable. Her skill in hairstyling is phenomenal. I'm seriously thinking about going short, I mean REEEEEAAAALLLLY short.

Wednesday: I get to go see the ortho Dr. & not the one I have seen in the past. My other ortho Dr. left the practice & didn't even call me to tell me!!! How dare Him!!! so now I have to go see this 'other' Dr. who is probably not as cute & charming as Dr. Slusher but I'm only there to get a steroid shot in my knee for the big day on Saturday!

Thursday: I finally received the phone call from the Metro school board regarding Substitute Orientation and I go down to the Board for a 9-1 debriefing. I will probably hear a lot of stuff I already know but its a formality with these people. Then, another Dr. appt. but this time its for a re-check on my oveary. I had some sort of hemorrhagic cyst and she wants to see if it dissolved. Ugh, the joy!
Then, OBF & I are going to the WHM expo downtown for a couple hours!

Friday: a chill & relax kinda day. I might sub depending on how I feel.

Saturday: THE BIG DAY!!! wow! its so close! the Womens Half Marathon....yes, I'm skeered, yes, I know its going to be physically challenging, and yes I know I'm crazy but its more about proving to myself that I can do this. Plus, the goodie bag is going to be AWESOME! and the medal turns into a charm necklace! cool, huh? story & pictures to come!

hence, the knee is being iced b/c OBF & I completed 8 miles, we were aiming for 10 but my feet were burning & cramping & I desperately had to go potty & it was like almost 9:30pm.

thats all for now, hollah!

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