Sep 9, 2010

9 schools 18 jobs

So I just spent the last hour applying for 18 EA jobs for 9 different schools,. Evidently there is an Educationl Grant that has been passed for the nation or the state, not sure which so I have to investigate it further. Anyway, the grant money is being used to hire EA's for the next two years. I am hoping & praying to be called for an interview at any of these nine schools. I am hoping its my shoe-in to a FT teaching position. I told my BFF the other day that I need a JOB so I can put all of my stockpiled teacher stuff in a classroom instead of collecting dust in my basement! So, if you are reading this, please whisper a prayer to the Good Lord above & ask Him for his will to be done, whatever He decides for me in this situation. Thanks....[[[[hugs]]]]


  1. Prayers are going up for you. It would be awesome for you to get a job. Nothing like that going on here, but I can't complain. I have worked 5 days already this school year!

  2. Just said a prayer for you... and I will say another tonight before I go to bed. :)