Sep 3, 2010

10 things to do on a Friday....

Last night when I got home from Bible Study, I decided to force myself into jotting down 10 things I must do before Friday comes to an end.....Here is what I came up with........and some pictures for entertainment purposes.....

1. Watch the boy walk to the bus stop.....

I tell him every morning to stay away from the busy street.....and every time he says "I KNOW!" like a 15 yr. old teenage boy....

2. clean the kitchen & do the dishes.......p.s. I am ashamed for what you are abiout to see is disraceful but at least I'm being 'authentic', right?

love my 70s style cabinetry? I don't!! I loathe it tremendously.....I want to be on one of theose HGTV home remodel shows where they come in & re-do a room in your house w/o cost to me....yep, that'd be alright with me!

I did some serious counter cleaning, there IS satisfaction in cleaning! lol

3. least 2, maybe 3 loads today

I loathe laundry just as much as I loathe my cabinets maybe even more! why you ask? because washer/dryer is in the basement which requires several trips up/down the stairs.....I should be a whole lot skinnier as much as I trapse those dumb stairs! I don't have an after pic here...but I have one more load to do as of now....

4. eat breakfast, I mean really, I can't do all this work on an empty stocach, right? on the menu

cream of wheat, english muffin, coffee

5. vacuum that dirty living room floor, but first I had to pick everything up and place it one the couch which seemed to make a mess but only for a moment

6. organize and dust entertainment center...a task I was not looking forward to but you will see soon what motivated me to do it anyway...

look at the top left corner...see the snowman stocking hanger....been there since last Christmas
finally figured it was time to take it down, dumb huh? considering Christmas is right oround the corner!


it looks so much better...whew! notice something a little 'fall-ish'?

remember this from last week?

I scraplifted this idea from this creative lady @ the Ticklish Moose
and this is how it turned out for lovely!

7. I haven't taken the time to go eat lunch with the boy @ school so I figured I would surprise him today by showing up and making him feel special. I only remember my pareents coming to eat lunch with me less than 5 times my whole time in elementary. Since I have the luxury of deciding my own schedule as a substitute teacher, it is a perk for me to do stuff like this for my boy. Isn't he the cutest 1st grader!?

8. when I returned home, the next thing on my list was to clean off the kitchen table...I don't know what it is about our table but it is inevitably the dumping ground for all our stuff. It's quitg ridiculous!

I didn't use the flash on purpose people...its shameful!

but now, it's C-L-E-A-N!
with the exception of Grant's chore chart *&  marble jars
we have to count out marbles tonight....

9. I have been wanting to clean out Grants closet since we finished his room back in the spring. I kinda got lazy & just shoved toys in there, ignoring how cluttered it was becoming. So when the boy got home from school, I made him get in there with me to figure out what he wants to keep & what he wants to give away. I bought a small canvas trunk to put in the bottom of the closet becuase the toy bin thing wasn't working for the space anymore.



10. this task was dubbed "go to the gym" but it didnt back is killing me today b/c the weather is changing (metal rods in back) & it happens every now & then. I am having a yard sale next weekend...yay....I hope to get rid of this tub-o-junk!

I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!
our plans include staying at home & chillaxin'
have some friends over & maybe do a little bit of crafting!


  1. o.k first of all....I LOVE that you are being authentic!! Look at you!! And that didn't even hurt.....did it??? I should give that a try sometime.
    1. I LOVE that boy of yours. That pic makes me want to scoop him up with all of mine and protect them all from this mean, ol world.
    2.H.G.T.V.blah.blah.blah. All you need is MEEEE!! ....and a Lowe's gift card! LOL
    3.I can NOT believe you didn't tell me about your new W/D!! You suck.
    4.I had a fall leaf banner in mind and now I am so stealing yours.
    5. Grantie is SO cute!
    6. Yay!! yardsale! Make some money for a Lowes card!?!?!!! :)

  2. Following you now! Please follow me back! God Bless, have a great weekend!