Sep 22, 2010

~and so it happened~

Is green the color of happy?
why yes, I think it is!!!!

I am a very happy woman right now....exhausted from a long day BUT extremely Happy!!!!

Why? Because I got a J-O-B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am in awesome shock but not disbelief. I have been very faithful in this process and on my journey with this whole job situation. Its not a certified teaching position BUT its close enough for me!
I will be an Educational Assistant for students who need help with Math. I don't have a lot of details just yet but when I do, I will gladly share them with all my bloggy friends!!!

I just have to tell you though, the interview this morning was exactly 10 minutes long and the principal called me at 12:45pm and asked if I wanted the position! I almost started crying but I was in the middle of Aldi's and I didn't want people to think I was a whack job...not that I care but I was also wearing mascara b/c hence the interview and you know what big baby tears do to a girls mascara!!!

Anyway, its been a wonderful day of pure bliss and sharing my news with the people who have prayed and prayed for me! I am excited beyond belief!

I will keep you all posted about details, K?


  1. I am happy for you!

    And with your new position can I email you with Algebra questions because this class is killing me. :)

    Congrats, again!