Sep 5, 2010

~Glimpses of God~

I have been trying my best to stay on top of my Bible reading plan. I have been doing the Essential 100 which covers specific books and chapters of the Bible beginning with the Old Testament and ending in the New Testament. I have been reading about the Israelites and their departure from Egypt. I was reading about all of the things God was doing to the Egyptians to convince them to release the Israelites. I began to think and really absorb the almighty power of God. He kept showing his glory and power to Pharaoh but he just wasn't going to submit and listen to what God was demanding him to do. I hope that God never has to  put me through plagues, diseases, and swarms of flies or overflowing frogs to get my attention. My favorite part about this story is that even after Pharaoh let the Israelites go, he still sent his army after them and God gave Moses the ability to part the Red Sea to remove them once & all from the controlling hands of the Egyptian king. Oh how I can't wait to sit at the feet of God and listen o him tell this story. Maybe He will have pictures to prove it! Isn't that funny to think about? So anyway, this week through the gift of God's word, I caught a small glimpse of God's power and ability to see us through our most difficult situations.

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  1. Thank you for letting me link up today! I liked the before and afters of your cleaning! Makes me feel very normal. My kitchen counter is CRAZY!

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. Oh! How do you create those sticky notes below? I am very interested. I LOVE them!

  3. I linked you up here. Thanks for the motivation.