Sep 26, 2010


Wow! what an unbelievable experience! One I will never forget! I woke up this morning feeling like I had been in a car accident! Not to make light of accidents but that is how sore I am today! I'm glad I accomplished this especially at my age! I know, I'm not THAT old but still I'm not like...21 anymore!
Here is some pictures....I haven't been able to access the ones that the Event people take but as soon as I can, and if they are decent, I will post 'em!
this is OBF a.k.a Sergeant Davis!
 trying to set a good example for my baby!
my mom came back from MD to see me finish!

my little family!


  1. I've done 3 marathons and a bunch of ultras and I agree with your pain assessment! But the feeling of accomplishment is worth it! It's amazing what our bodies can endure!