Sep 19, 2010

~Glimpses of God~

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a bug shout out to Cindy over at the Martha complex for mentioning me on her blog, you are awesome Cindy!

Anyhoo, my Glimpse of God this week really has nothing to do with me but its about my OBF. Why do I call her OBF? because she's my 'other best friend'. I kinda just coined the term for her & its sruck. Her real name is Stacie and not too long ago we were talking about how we didn't really know each that well when her family began to come to church. Her girls are so precious & delightful. If I never have any daughters, I have three between her an my bestie. Anyway, during our torturous run/walk tonight, she began to tell me about the things she needs to do to get her R.N. license. She is working towards a completion date of next spring. She was telling me that she has to do this one part of her classes to get to the clinical part of the program. She told me that the cost was a little over $700. She said when she went to get the mail later that day, she opened an envelope with a check for seven hundred and some odd dollars. We were both praising God for that one! it was really cool. The money had come from a reimbursement through her company because they pay so much for her to take these exams/classes. It was a bit funny because her and I were literally saying 'Praise God', "helleluah', 'God is so Good'. It was really neat to see how He blessed her in this time of need. She is going to be a great nurse!  So there you have it! it really pays to be faithful!

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  1. HEY!!! Now I really am wondering WHERE IS MY CHECK!?? LOL