Sep 15, 2010

I'm still here....

 I usually do a meme every day or every other day but I have been biiiizzzzzeeeeee!!!! I substituted on Monday & Tuesday, that will be a nice chunk of change at the end of the month. Today, I filled in for a lady at the Y which was nice b/c I got to know this other lady whom I haven't worked with before but I know her b/c she brings her daughter on Sat. mornings which is my regular shift. We talked a lot about school and jobs & teaching. It was really nice because I thought I would totally regret taking the hours. I am FINALLY going to do a yard sale this weekend so I have been busy getting things prepared and priced. I asked my brother to come & help me out on Sat. b/c I think I have to work Sat. morning. I say think b/c finding someone to work at the Y at 8am on a Saturday morning is nearly impossible.
Tonight is church nitght, tomorrow is Cub Scout night, Friday & Saturday is Yard sale, and Sunday is church. I want to squeeze in some "me" time but that may have to wait 'til Monday. Among all of this, I gotta find some time to keep training for the half marathon which is 10 days away! YIKES!!!! I'm skeeered!
OH! today the Metro school system called & set me up for Substitute Orientation next Thursday so that's good! Soon, I can start subbing for another district & maybe get my foot in the door with a school.
Okay, enough blabbing.....
just wanted you to know I'm still here!

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