Jul 3, 2011

not a NASCAR driver

~June 30th~
So the boy hooked up with his Cub Scout buds for a fun time at the local Sports Center. There's the usual attractions: Putt-Putt golf, bumper boats, batting cages, and go-carts. The boys breezed through the 18 hole putt putt course and then we marched on over to the go-carts. The height requirement only allows these guys to drive the rookie cars. A smaller version of a go-cart. Well, it was finally the boy's turn to get in................

Lap One was successful

Lap Two was successful
and then the collision occurred coming around for lap three
No Picture to insert here
I put my camera down to make sure he was okay

A summary of what happened? well, he wasn't looking where he was "driving" and hit a tire "pylon" that separates the raceway from the other go-carts. It scared him half to death but a fun dip helped male it all better. NOTE: the swollen lip colored blue from the powder!

and he insists on trying again!
that's my boy : )
BUT, no NASCAR driving for you!

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