Jul 15, 2011

~staining 101~

I have NEVER stained a thing in my life so there's no time like the present, right?

I bought this cute little table & stool set for the boy about 3 summers ago, and whenever he has friends over, they like to go out on the deck to socialize.....
this poor table was so faded, I pressure washed it first so this picture is after all the gunk was gone....

I cant' remember what the stain is but I picked it up at Lowe's with the handy help of the Lowe's man. He saved me a lot of work. This type of oil stain already had a built in polyurethane so I didn't have to keep applying coat after coat of stain and then add the poly! I also didn't realize what a mess it is to stain something so small. Looking back, I should have taken the whole thing apart but I was lazy!

Isn't it gorgeous!

Even if we never use it again for a picnic table, it will definitely be a  great little side table on the deck!


1 comment:

  1. you did a good job, i never stained a thing until I bought my house - now i am becoming a pro - we even stained our front door!!