Jul 6, 2011


Today was a really great day. I can say that I really enjoyed being a Mom today. Th boy was spectacularly good. He was agreeable and didn't speak "Whinese". Got that from another blog I read and I love it!
I had to get up early to get the Puppy to the Vet......no babies for Him!
Ran by McD's to get my cup of joe and a sausage biscuit for the boy who was still sleeping!

He came running out to the living room, Peacock hair, blanket, and duck and snuggled up beside me.

We watched a little bit of America's Got Talent. Wehn it was over, we went outside so I could do some work and he was roaming around in the garage. He was sitting with DOG on the deck for awhile, talking to her like she totally understood his woes. At one point I heard him pretending to be a judge on America's Got Talent and he was telling imaginary people "you're going to Vegas!" He so totally cracks me up.

He rode around on his four wheeler, played Legos, hung out on the monkey bars, just being a boy. At one point he came out in his swim trunks and asked to play with the hose. I obliged and snapped a quick picture:

It was close to noon so we decided to get in the Yellow Bug and head to Sonic for a bite to eat.

I love that about  being at home in the summer, you can decide whatever you want to do for the day and just do things on a whim....no agenda, no appointments, no plans

We were sitting at Sonic and the sky opened up unexpectedly, my mom made a dash to the car to put her top up. We didn't melt, thankfully

On a whim, we went to a flea market in Lakewood. Grant was actually the one who suggested it only because he found a Rubix Cube there on a previous visit. I think we were there for almost two hours.
Grant & I were playing "Scaredy Cat", a game where we hide and try to scare each other.
We found an old school Wheel of Fortune game for $3.  He was super duper well behaved, didn't speak any whinese and was perfectly happy with the game. He really wanted this obnoxious M&M's dispenser for Skittles?! I talked him out of it! Whew!

We came home and for a reward I let him watch a movie. *He's been grounded from TV for a week* & this was also a ploy to buy me some time to get other stuff done

We went to church, came home, hung outside for a bit and came in around 8pm and played a rousing game of Wheel of Fortune. You know how games go with young kids, it could last for a few minutes or it can last forever. This took about an hour! It's totally cool though b/c I loved just being present wit him and watching him trying to figure out the puzzle.

We sat on the couch together and watched another episode of America's Got Talent. I think he loves that show. I found a devotional book for kids @ Goodwill and he is into it. He reminds me that we missed a day. After that, it was bedtime! I love this boy, especially when he's in a good mood, well behaved, and doesn't speak Whinese fluently!

Thank you Lord for a Perfect day! I will need this post to remind me of how blessed I am when I begin to speak "Whinese".

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