Jul 6, 2011

{Deck Makeover}

I've been working hard over here in the land of Tulip Grove

Unfortunately I don't have any BEFORE photos to show you
only adjectives to describe what was on the deck before this summer

really boring!

I present to you the AFTER  photos

Bargain Urns from Kmart, a little over $10/each
Thanks Heather!

Gardenias from the local nursery
(I had a gift certificate from a Silent Auction and I used it)
@ $40 including a ginormous bag of soil

The Patio furniture was 1/2 off at Wal- Mart in JUNE!!!
this includes the two chairs, the love seat, all cushions, table w/glass
and two decorative pillows

I found the umbrella at Target on clearance in JUNE! for 1/2 off
*I had just sold a trailer for my daddy-o and he said I could keep the money*
I bought the umbrella with that money!!! SCORE!

The outdoor rug was a score too, thanks to 320 Sycamore
she gave a tip that these were on clearance at Lowe's for $17
Original price was $68

I added the Coca Cola tray and that white watering can was rusted before I took
some Rust-o-leum to it and made it a fresh crisp white
the floral placemat under it was $1 @ Wal Mart

I normally don't discuss the prices I pay for stuff but I couldn't help myself.
These were bargains for sure!

Now the Deck is:
and the gardenias are

There's still a little bit left to do but it's coming together nicely!

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