Jul 3, 2011

Lucky #7

July 1st
The magical age of 7
I wonder what it will bring?
This is what I did for my O.C.

Star Wars Lego/Pool Party

The Food table pre-party

I made a birthday banner out of cd's
my first one ever for my boy!
I used stickers to jazz it up...

I made homemade pizza for the kiddos
Yoda Soda was 7 up & sherbet
Darth Maul Serum was Hawaiian punch

That's the X wing fighter that Bill the Big Kid bought
came in handy for decor

This is an R2D2 cassette tape player I found at Goodwill
for 3.99......the best part is that it actually works!

another Lego set that Big Kid Bill put together
Darth Vader's Tie Fighter

2 out of 3 types of candy that G-man loves
Skittles & Starburst
M&M's for the chocolate lovers
like Tan Tan : )

Ta-da! The cake
made by my awesome friend Heather
and it was ymm-OH!
I added the mini-figures

The party favor table

Lego mini-figure gummy candies
made from Jell-O
*note to self: do not leave in the heat, they melt!*

Lego head marshmallow pops
only one party guest took one
it's okay, they were still fun to make
and fun for the decor

Pool Noodles + colored duct tape = a fun way to make a waterproof light saber

The first year I decided to do a Pinata
I let the kiddos use one of G's light sabers
it had a pull string just in case they couldn't smack the evil out of it
it didn't take much before Darth Vader's head split open!

A great party isn't fun without friends!

Yes, G-man does have male friends but due to the fact that his mom's
two best friends have girls, he can't help but be a ladies man!

The 'Rents

Lucky # 7

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