Jun 26, 2011

Summer Bucket List

If I can get at least half of these accomplished, I would love myself even more! and shout HalleluYer on the mountaintop back deck!

1. pray more often and read the Word before going to sleep
2. spend time with my BFF ✔
3. go to Rosie's pool (a school friend)
4. build a Lego set with my boy
5. make a change on the deck (outdoor sitting area) ✔
6. haul away unwanted and unnecessary junk/trash ✔
7. give my son the best 7th birthday party EVER!  ✔
8. drink more water✔
9. go walk on the greenway✔
10. keep the kitchen table cleared off✔
11. create a photo collage in the hallway
12. play with vinyl on the Cricut Expression
13. scrapbook a few pages
14. finish reading 'The Help'
15. have a watergun fight with the boy✔
16. buy containers for each of G's lego sets✔ 
17. cook at home more✔
18. visit Needhams Nursery for some plants ✔
19. plant a container garden ✔
20. repair the dog bed (sewing a rip)
21. learn how to use a weed-eater✔
22. yell less over dumb stuff ✔
23. tell people "I love you" more✔
24. spend an entire day with my dad ✔
25. dust ALL the furniture
26. let Grant have a sleepover✔
27.  complete a successful VBS ✔
28. get a fabulous haricut form 'Resa Reed✔ 
29. check into Karate lessons for the boy
30. make sun tea in a jar✔
31. clean off the bar area ✔
32. get rid of all the tacky magnets on my fridge✔
33. go to a baseball game
34. do something different on my birthday✔
35. host my friends for a cookout✔
36. get a pedicure✔
37. pick fresh blackberries
38. make blackberry jam
39. stain the kiddo's picnic table ✔
40. visit our Nashville Farmer's Market
41. eat a waffle at Taste of Belgium
42. skip church, just once? ✔
43. go to the drive in movies
44. learn to play croquet
45. play a board game witth the family✔
46. write in my journal more
47. find a new recipe to cook✔
48. read with Grant at least three times a week
49. take more pictures ✔
50. prepare to return to school (blah!)

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