Jul 4, 2011

~Old Glory~

July 2nd

Our Cub Scout Pack was invited to a Flag Retirement ceremony

This was Grant's first experience with this kind of thing
I didn't realize how much you had to do to retire a flag

 First you have to cut out the blue field of stars
Then, you have to cut each red stripe away from each white stripe\

When the stripes are all cut, you have to roll each one and place it in the field of blue
The Boy Scouts will cut each star out of the blue fields and give them to retired veterans
some fields of blue are saved to wrap the bundle o stripes together

The ceremonious thing to do is to burn each stripe separately
However, since there wasn't a big turnout for this event, the boys got to
place the whole bundle in the fire

I got to keep a field of blue to use for my own decor since my kitchen is Americana
Not sure what I will do with it but I'm glad the Scouts let me take it!

Grant was a little fearful to approach the fire pit so he just tossed it in.
It was a pretty cool thing to be a part of and there were still several flags to retire when we left.

Hope everyone has a blessed Fourth of July!

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