Nov 2, 2011


I never was popular.....not in elementary school, not in middle school and most assuredly, never in high school.....and not much has changed since then.
and another goes along with is not fair......never has been, never will be....
why am I mumbling about popularity?
because I experienced a life lesson this week, that merit and hard work and committment and loyalty will never guarantee you a better position in life's sticky situations.

how will I get past this "injustice"? Only with God's help and a fervent prayer to understand His timing, His will, His plan, His ways, His peace, His love for me, His unfailing and unchanging ways.
Our lives will change, our ciircumstnaces will change, people come and go, friends come and go, jobs come and go, but God and his infinitee wisdom will never change!

one of the many songs that has helped me thorough this has been "These are the Words I would say" from Sidewalk Prophets

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