Nov 25, 2011

gallery photo wall

I couldn't wait to get this little project done! Last year on Black Friday, I bought 2 sets of ten frames in different sizes. I finally got them up on the wall in my hallway. I "him hawed" about if I even wanted to put them there or on the wall in my bedroom. The hallway won!!! Here is my process.....
 I had some plain brow paper bag type wrapping paper. I traced each of frames out on this and started figuring out how I wanted to arrange them. This took the most time but when it was all up, I could change it without making holes all over the wall.  When I had the pattern down, I measured between each frame 1/2 in to 1 inch apart depending on what frame was next to another.

My 70's built house has narrow hallways so this is the view from the bathroom door LOL

This is the view from the dining room! :D

All of my favorite pictures on one gorgeous photo gallery wall!
I have 5 more frames to fill but I'm going to use them somewhere else.
I want to cut my own vinyl saying to put above the far left top frame. We'll see!

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