Nov 25, 2011

a bigger boy bedroom update

On my list of to-do's over the Thanksgiving break was to clean and spruce up Grant's bedroom. Lately,he's been sleeping in the same bed as Grammy and I know she loves the company but seriously, he's a wiggle worm when he's asleep. So, I started by taking all the toys off of his two shelves and putting them on his IKEA bunk bed.

Ugghh....what an atrocity!

I took the advice of the BFF and put the two shelves together. The good ole' hubster screwed them into the wall just in case some one gets the urge to climb them! by the way, I have had these shelves forever, I snagged them from a daycare I once worked at when they were getting rid of them!
here's what they look like stacked!

The boy is obsessed with Star Wars Lego's and there is no such thing as an inexpensive set of Star Wars Lego's, so I stole the idea of putting sets into those plastic containers and later I will label them. I totally reduced his collection of "junk" toys and got rid of some games he hasn't played in months.

I kinda just threw some decor up on the top. No rhyme or reason. Those books on the right are old and eventually I want to read them with him. I made that silhouette of him last year and of course his crown is a souvenir from the circus.

I was going to flip his bed over and nix the bunk bed idea but it really opens up the room when I moved the dresser which was next to the bed. He had a tent thing on the top bunk but I took it off. He didn't like it much but I convinced him that it's going to be easier for me to tuck him in. I also bribed him with the glow in the dark stars. l let him stick them wherever and then I put double sided tape on the inflatable shuttle and stuck it on the wall. Moved his "work" table next to the bed and hung up the posters. Ignore the stack of books sitting in the chair. They have to go downstairs to be stored for a future classroom?!

I moved the dresser over to this coiner where I hung a floating shelf to display the Lego sets he and Bill have done together. I didn't center the shelf because then it would be too near to the other shelves on the side. Makes sense?

I would just like to point out that the Bible is just as important as those Star Wars books! LOL :D
That locker basket on the right use to belong to Grant's Grandma Grace whom he never got to meet.
I love the feeling of accomplishment!

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