Nov 6, 2011


I have lived in my house for almost 12's hard to believe at times! There are things I would change about this house and even at times, I get so irritated with how small it is. Then I remember that at least I have a house with all the creature comforts. Anyway, the basement has been a constant irritation of mine. It has been the "dumping" ground for all our crap stuff. I swore to myself that I was going to spend the summer organizing, trashing, rearranging and cleaning up the whole basement. It was very daunting and sometimes discouraging BUT alas I think I have reached some sort of semblance of an organized space. Here are some before pictures. I show you with much agony because it's shameful! the images could be mistaken for someone on joke!


I know it still looks like I have a ton of stuff but trust me, I made a lot of dump runs and recycled a bunch of stuff and gave a away a lot too.
It feels great completing projects of this proportion.
I'm still working on different parts but for the majority of the space, it turned great!

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