Feb 4, 2011

~making a difference~

So today I was given a compliment by the guidance counselor who spoke with a little boy (2nd grader) who I started pulling into my small group for Math. He doesn't really need the extra help or one on one with me BUT he needs someone to pay attention to him. He's the sweetest young boy but I noticed one day that he was 'depressed', not really enthusiastic about anything. I asked his teacher who I work with closely if she would ask the GC to speak with him just to make sure things at home were going okay.
That's what she did today and she asked this young boy, what is the best part about coming to school, and his reply was that 'he liked being in the Math group with Ms. Amanda because she's so nice and she makes it fun.'
I almost had to run to the bathroom and bawl my eyes out. Here I am, a mere support personnel, but my instincts told me this boy needed some attention, he needed someone to tell him how great he's doing, how smart he is, how well behaved he is.
I'm not tooting my own horn here. Thee reason I teach is because I want to make a difference. It's not for fame, glory or riches. It's the simple fact that I want EVERY student to succeed in ALL areas  and I want to do everything in my power to make that happen. However, there is a fine line teachers have to walk b/c you can't always assume that home life is bad or other circumstances change the way a child learns. The GC didn't discuss anything else with me but that one remark he shared. I hope that whatever difference I'm making is enough for him and all the others too!

Have a blessed weekend! : )

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  1. That's so sweet!
    You were just talking about him! :)
    Keep up the enthusiasm!!