Feb 26, 2011

~letting it go~

so......what'd you do today? the weather was good enough for me to go rummage through the storage shed to get some stuff out for consignment sales.
I'm letting go of the baby stuff. Yep, it's going on 7 years. I can't hold on to this stuff in the hopes of having another baby. I just can't rationalize it. It's lunacy.
The baby bottles, the breast pump, the baby bouncer, the stroller/car seat combo, the swing, everything that I haven't used in about 5-6 years.
However, I have not given up totally on conceiving another child. It's the constant prayer of my heart as a woman. I seriously have talked to God and have said, "if I'm not supposed to have another child, just tell me in some way, clearly, concisely, without mincing words, TELL me and I will deal with it!" I haven't gotten that message yet, so I just do my thing and wait. Ask anyone, I'm good at waiting....I waited for this job I have now for almost 2 years. I will continue to wait.
So that's it, I'm letting it go & don't worry, I'm not a mess of tears. I just realized I can't continue to hold on to stuff that hasn't served it's purpose for awhile.
aaahhhhh, it feels good to de-clutter, and I'll be making some cash for it anyway!
Hope you have a fabulous weekend! : )

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  1. Hi there, my first time in your blog :) Hope you have a great sale. And just think, when your new baby comes, you can get all the fun of going shopping for baby clothes again :)